Drawing an Eye || Pen Drawing

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Hello EveryOne

Greeting to all my friends and art lovers

My Introduction to World Of Xpilar Community

Hi friends i am Rashid from Pakistan .i am not an artist or a photographer but i am a learner/ curious. , Photography and art are my hobbies i do mostly after my job timing and i am keen to learn photography and art.
So today i tried to draw an eye by Pen .
I have water colors and and pastel colors but from few days i am making drawings by Pen and this is my third drawing by Pen .
A week ago i drew A sketch of couple it was my first pen drawing .
Then i made post of Rose Flower Drawing
And today i am sharing my third post of Drawing an Eye by Pen .
I used only one ball point pen for this drawing but dark and light trick for blending .
Then i took photoshots by my smartphone .

I hope you all like My Drawing.





After taking photoshots i have done some adjustments ( Color tempreture and Contrast) no extra edits and then created a collage photo for title ..

Thanks 🌹

Regards @rashid001

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