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It's still November at our streets, but in fact it's December at the doors, it is actually a winter time. We had the first snow dropped - and it didn't melt, it covered everything with a small thin blanket. Nothing yet excites to photograph, and in particular bad light. But some things still continue to please and show color no matter what. For example, physalis! Its orange fruit-boxes look luxurious; its the first time I photographed them covered with snow.

Это еще ноябрь на дворе, но фактически декабрь и зима, у нас выпал первый снег - и не растаял, покрыл все маленьким тощим покрывалом. Ничто пока не возбуждает фотографировать, и в особенности плохой свет. Но некоторые вещи все же продолжают радовать и показывать цвет несмотря ни на что. Например, физалис! Его оранжевые плоды-коробочки смотрятся роскошно, я впервые фотографировал их покрытыми снегом.


location: St.Petersburg, Russia November 2022 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D Sigma 50mm raw-conv
f 2.8 t 1/50 ISO 160


Thanks for the visit!
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All images taken by me, copyright (c) @qwerrie

Greetings friend @qwerrie

I'm glad you were able to find a reason to use your camera before the arrival of winter, they are good photographs.

Grazie Mille, Adele! yes, winter is a sad time for me as a photographer -- long vacays from December to April! Thanks god, I have some archives ;)))))

 2 months ago 

These are lovely.

Thanki! Glad you like these visuals. I wish I had more warm sun lighting, the pics would turn out better. I think I will make a few more takes of this subject, hehe, I dont have much stuff to shoot anyway.

 2 months ago 

Yes, it seems the weather is challenging there.

St.Petersburg is famous for its notoriously changeable weather :D

 2 months ago 

And beautiful girls. I had a girlfriend from there. I think @bambuka is from there too, but he has only one eye :)

we share same city, thats true -- had a few joint photo walks and mushroom hunting outings together

 2 months ago 

That is nice!
Just make sure you pick the right mushrooms. Some can look like known ones, yet poisonous.

Tnks for good wishes. We are experts ;)

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