Drawing a couple with color pencils!

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Hello fam! I’m so excited to share this beautiful drawing I made recently. It took quite a while as I took my time to detail it well. Love is a beautiful thing and these moments should be cherished and recorded in history.

This one was a gift for a newly wedded couple, I really enjoyed the process


I made this with colored pencils and pastels on alabaster paper for about 8 days. A combination of Prismacolor and Derwent color pencils and Reeves pastels.

I have included some progress shots to give you an idea of how it came to life. Enjoy!







Framing is an art in itself!


What do you think about this piece? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and share my post. Thanks a bunch!


 9 days ago (edited)

What a beautiful work with colored pencils. You captured the love of the couple.

Thank you so much.

Me encantó este dibujo, parece una fotografía. Tienes un talento increíble. Mucho éxito sigue así 👏👏💯

siiii woaoooo lo mismo opino, muy acertado tu comentario.

Thanks a lot friend!

This is such a great work from you man. It looks so exceptional.

Buy I've wanted to ask, which color pencils do you use for your paintings and on which type of paper exactly. I purchased Nagaraj color pencils but the result I got from the pencils weren't impressive. The colors didn't really come out well.

Thanks man. Nataraj isn’t that high quality. I combine Derwent Artist color pencils and Prismacolor premier pencils. I use reeves pastel chalks too.

That's lovely...
Can we talk privately?
Perhaps, I drop you my contact or you drop me yours. Whichever is fine.

I really don't know where to get Prismacolor pencils. I read about how high a quality the pencil is but I can't find it in Akwa Ibom


Prismacolor pencils are scarce and expensive truly, I got my set of 48 for 20k and I doubt you could get it for the same price now

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