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RE: Weekly challenge on Steem!!! Food photo / Week #47

in WORLD OF XPILARlast year

I loved the chilli 🌶 photos! Well done to @bambuka and @wnfdiary I saw today a chilli fest being advertised so I might pop there next weekend and take some chilli photos myself too 📸Here is my this week’s food contest entry @mister-omortson my photo of traditional full English breakfast including bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans, tomato, hash browns, mushrooms and toast 🍽


Here is also a link to my post


Rico platillo..muy buena presentación @petface

 last year 

Thank you @matenaza2110 I’m glad that you like it 📸It is a very filling dish!💁‍♀️ 🍽

Delicious. It is a big dish. Greetings

 last year 

Greetings @mini80! It was very tasty! I'm actually about to have full English brunch today too but it certainly is a feast which I don't have more than once a week.


Se ve delicioso y colorido

 last year 

Thank you @sacra97! It is a yummy very photogenic dish!

Mouth watering.

 last year 

Thank you @rasinkani! It certainly is 😋

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