The digital image of the day is made according to my own imagination and thoughts (his story writing competence (106).

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The digital image of the day is made according to my own imagination and thoughts (his story writing competition (106).


A group of fishermen left very early for the daily fishing day and could not fish and they could no longer get fish in the areas where they were used to fishing due to the abundance of fish in these large corals where a large number of fish that are highly sought after are housed and requested in the market.

The fishermen of the island called Angoleta were worried they could only take fish for their families and not to sell since the fish had disappeared, and this situation led them to hold a meeting at night to inquire about what may be happening and they agreed to bring full scuba gear and suits to check each coral.

The next day they left at the normal fishing time for the usual fishing sites and when they pulled the mesh they did not catch fish and several fishermen decided to dive to see what was happening and what they saw has no explanation there was no fish they could only catch half a dozen lobsters, four large octopuses, and a few squid.

Very worried and distressed they returned home without fish to sell and that day there was a party in a house near the shore, motivated by the birthday of a fisherman and when they were together talking and sharing and suddenly they saw very bright lights that surrounded to an egg-shaped object with an opaque light that disappeared when taking the photo with a flash camera these unidentified objects disappeared on the sea horizon.

The next day, very early, they went out to fish at four in the morning and near the corals where the fishermen throw the nets were the spheres of lights with a light and opaque brightness surrounding like an egg-shaped ship floating on the water and when they saw the fishermen they disappeared again after a photo taken with a camera, the frightened fishermen waited a few minutes and then threw the nets taking out large quantities of fish.

The happy fishermen filled their boats with fish and went home very happy and happy after such a successful fishing activity when they reached the shore of the island that was happiness and a celebration was set up for so much fishing and the photo traveled around the island. Angoleta where the fishermen showed what they saw on the high seas.

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Excellent story

Thank you @panksero

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