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I welcome you, friends, to the pages of the magazine. Today, the magazine turned out to be full of travel. We will admire magical waterfalls, visit Morocco, Japan, Hungary and Austria, talk about the anniversary of Stukism and the irreversibility of our actions. Also pay attention to posts where people need your help. About all this below.

Explore Tekaan Telu Waterfall



That day, we planned to visit a beautiful waterfall known to have extremely challenging terrain. It was my first experience heading to the Tekaan Telu waterfall.

Morocco, Marrakech



I'm writing this with all my respect for the victims and those who lost their lives in Morocco after the devastating earthquake that hit them a few days ago.

I'll share my journey as i saw it, without holding back anything!

Stuckism Silver Anniversary


Stuckism is the only international art movement on earth worth talking about because there are millions of us. About a couple thousand identify their art as “Stuckist”, and the other 3,497,325 painters are lying to themselves to maintain the hope of established gallery or Artnews representation.

Your help is needed!

En búsqueda de medicamentos, en mi país sólo circulan los vencidos. ⚠️


I left there very upset and sad, it is incredible how in this country everything has been lost, nowadays those who do not have money to pay for their treatments and medical consultations literally die because the public health system is a tremendous piece of crap.

Na was denn nun? 👹🍣🎎 Mein Japan


Whenever I'm asked what I like best here in Japan, I always have to think again and look for a good answer. Of course there are a lot of things that I like and that excite me, but what is best simply cannot be answered. Japan can do old and new, and also loud and quiet.

Morning stroll in the old town of Budapest, Hungary


In August this year, I went to Hungary on a short vacation. I combined a few days at Lake Balaton with a few days in Budapest. This was my third visit to Hungary's capital and I still think this city is one of the most beautiful among European cities.

There is no CTRL-Z in Life! Dealing with "Spilt Milk"


The reality is that when it comes to the roundabout of life, when something is done – it is done. There is no rewind, No Ctrl Z and No re-takes. Yes, you can possibly re-steer a situation by manner of many things, but you cannot erase what has already transpired.

St. Wolfgang - The pearl of Upper Austria



Sankt Wolfgang is one of the most tempting places for tourists from all over the world - the pearl of the famous Wolfgangsee lake, the pearl of Upper Austria. Located on the northern shore of the lake, at the foot of the Scharfberg mountain, the village attracts tourists, inspires artists and filmmakers with its magnificent nature, clean lake water, romantic streets, richly decorated houses, luxury hotels, attractive entertainment... well, a lot of things.

I invite you to join the initiative Become successful with @wox-helpfund!


Muchísimas gracias por su mención, aprecio mucho su apoyo.

This was SUCH a wonderful surprise! Thank you very, VERY much for the feature! Honestly, WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR this space is!

Some lovely other features too, congrats to all! I will be sure to check them all out shortly!

Much love!

 9 months ago 

Cool group as always, @o1eh! Nice to see @jaynie come back to Steemit.

 9 months ago 

Nice to see @jaynie come back to Steemit.

Yes, I wish there were more such cases. It will be so if we can maintain a friendly atmosphere.

By the way, @jaynie's post shows an experienced author immediately :)

Thank you for the lovely compliment @oleh xxx

And I definitely think we can begin encouraging more people to come here or to return...



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Thank you @𝐢𝐫𝐫𝐰𝐲𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝𝐲 have a nice day.

Thank you steadfast @o1eh! I look forward to some time to enjoy Steemit again in the near future. Meanwhile... Cheers!


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Thank you so much for the mention @o1eh :))


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