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The terrible story that I will share with you today happened to me. This happened to me when I was in university. While studying at the university, I used to stay with friends in a match in Dhaka. There were three of us in one room. As I said before, we had a tenant in this house, we were not another family. Anyway, after coming home, my friends Shoaib and Alvi called me and told me that it would be a little late for them to come. I ate and went to bed at night. I was almost alone in the whole house that day,Then he used his mobile phone for a while and then after dinner he went to bed at twelve o'clock at night with everything off. Then all of a sudden I realized that someone was coming up to me and humming loudly. I thought my friends might have come, maybe they were. So I fell asleep again without much importance. After 5 minutes I see the sound is getting louder. Even though the lights were off, I hugged her and told her not to open my eyes. Even after that there was no such position. Then I got angry and grabbed his body in the dark and told him not to do this, my friend. Let me sleep a little. After I said it, the humming grew louder and louder. Then I was scared to know how. Then I turned on the light very quickly. When I turned on the light and looked at my friend's bed, I saw that there was really no one. I was alone in the whole room. I was so scared that I ran out of the room. Then when I go to the stairs I see my friend who I thought was lying next to me. I was more frightened when I saw him and told him what are you doing here, boy? He told me that I had just come from outside and I got more scared when I heard him and then I told him everything.

Finally I would like to thank @adeljose for organizing a beautiful contest where people will be able to highlight some of the true events that happened to them and the events will be very scary. I'll really try to read every human story.

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Always we have experiences that don't have any explanaition, we often tell ourselves "I was dreaming", but the sensations persists always in our minds. What a scary experience you are sharing, good luck with the contest. (My recommendation about the picture, you can create one. Select a scary location or create a space composition referring your experience, and you can take pictures for this post. Hope this helps)

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!

Thank yous much. I will try it @leveuf

Thank you so much @msharif for sharing such a interesting contest.
I am very interested to participate in this contest.

Thank you brother

Greetings @msharif

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I don't have any pictures of that time. And I'm cutting this picture. Thank you very much for giving me the information.

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