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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!




p r e s e n t s

Photo of the week #42

Dear steemians

Over the past week, you have sent us a huge number of photos. We have noticed that you prefer a specific topic of the competition. Ok, let's continue this trend. Next week's theme is The Bicycle!


Well theme of next week is -The Bicycle- in any form!
Of course, you can post photos on any topic, but photos of the The The Bicycle will take priority




well...all streets on your photos are amazing. We received a number of interesting photos. Today we would to award more participants than usual...

Congratulations to @mamamasha, who got the most steemian upvotes.
Prize is 2 Steem!

РЖД. Южное направление от г.Ульяновска

Now the time has come to reward the authors whose photos were included in the top of the favorits. The first one is... is... is... @wnfdiary
We are not sure that this is exactly what we wanted to see, but this is probably the brightest and most original photo of all the participants presented.
Prize is 3.5 Steem!

subway railways

Silver is going to @sampu
This photo was taken with a simple smartphone. But this is probably exactly what we wanted to see in this round. Steam locomotive chimney, black smoke - great picture!
3 steem

Location : Darjeeling Station, India

Bronze goes to participant @isabelpena
2.5 steem

Location: Maracaibo, Venezuela


We really liked the photo of participant @anupampal
1.5 steem


We really like the photo from the participant @rafaelcmontero
1.5 steem

Old Railroad of Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Hi @xaviduran! We like your photo!
1.5 steem

the crossing railways of Lisbon

And... the last one is @datych Нам тоже нравится эта красотка-проводница ;-)
1.5 steem

A train conductor in a red beret at Moskovsky railway station in St. Petersburg, Russia

That,s all for today my dear! Unfortunately, nothing else caught our attention :-(
Please, be more active friends! More creativity, more imagination!

Competition start on 28 of June and ends on 5 of July (payout time)

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo


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 3 years ago (edited)

Спасибо за поощрение!

Париж, площадь перед Оперой, на велосипеде... корова. :)


 3 years ago 


Que genial una vaca ciclista @eto-ka

 3 years ago (edited)

Спасибо за приз! Спасибо всем, кто проголосовал. Всем удачи!

 3 years ago 

Without any doubt... famous selfie :)


 3 years ago 


 3 years ago (edited)

I remember this one - highly recyclable!


Genial la perspectiva de la fotografía @axeman

Espectacular imagen @axeman

 3 years ago 

The B&N + the perspective of a brutal force in this image .. Great @axeman

Me gusta mucho tu bicicleta @axeman

Hola a todos
Felicidades a los ganadores
Probando los frenos de la bicicleta

Que bien que los pruebe saludos.

Si es necesario @quiaratiby

Muy bien probados @javima

Si amiga querida @sacra97 estaban entonandolos.Un abrazo amiga.

Congratulation to all the winners

My participation of this week : Wooden bikes

I saw these wooden bikes on a previous visit to the Greek island Paros

wooden bicycles.jpg

Están geniales @grecoloco

muchas gracias por tu comentario :)

it is a nice craft

yeah...they look unique
thanks for stoping by and commenting :)

 3 years ago 

Amigo Greco que curiosas Bicis, se ven fantásticas.. Buena foto.

Muchas gracias por tus buenas palabras...muy amable :)

Hello Steemians! Congratulations all winners! This is my entry:


My little son is enjoying his bike. He loves the bicycle and play with it. 🚴 Thanks to visit me. Hope you like it.

Greetings 🌼🚴

Que lindo montado en su bici Dios te bendiga.

Holaaa y amén! Gracias por el apoyo. Saludos para ti @quiaratiby🤗

Bendecido día amiga @mini80 Saludos cordiales.

Congratulations to the winners!
Here is my participation:

Have a good day

Estupendo @esthersanchez

Gracias mi @sacra97!!

Perfecta mi querida @esthersanchez

Gracias amiga @javima!!


hi! here is my entry for this week

A joyful ride.

En un descuido que se había ido la luz en la noche y la dejaron en el garaje del vecino se la robaron.

Bonita bici sacra97!
Lástima que existan los amigos de lo ajeno!
Un abrazo!

Ya no respetan,tan necesaria que es una bicicleta en estos momentos por la problemática de la gasolina mi querida @sacra97

Que triste que te la hayan robado @sacra97

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