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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!


Traditional challenge on steem!!!

Photo of the week #20

Hello my dear!

The holidays are over. How quickly it passed by, didn't it? A long period of working days is coming. Now let's summarize the results of the weekly photo challenge of the week. What catch did our nets bring?
So let's move on to the review of the photos of the participants!

Last week's undisputed winner is @prostosun
Christmas needles and toys, garlands, serpentine and tinsel. Great photo for the top!
Reward - 2.5 Steem
Our congratulations!

Теперь самое время определить фаворита. Пусть им будет @qwerrie. Нам очень понравился этот лысый одуванчик
Now is the time to define your favorite. Let it be @qwerrie! We loved this bald dandelion
Reward - 3 steem


The second favorite is @bassamjamal
A very interesting photo. We love this kind of creativity.
Reward - 2 steem

Next Prize is going to @boddhisattva
This photo has often won various competitions. But we see no reason to prevent this photo from participating in our challenge.
Reward - 1.5 steem

An incentive prize for our new participant @niniveh29112
Reward - 1 steem

We want to wrap up this latest edition of the year on a spectacular note. A gorgeous photo of a girl is suitable for this. Very beautiful and mysterious plot.
У меня вопрос к @axeman, есть на модели трусики или нет?
Reward - 1 steem

That,s all for today my dear! Аnd please, ladies and gentlemen! No more cats)

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo


We need some steem for prizes!

I,m asking for support to

| @steemitblog | @seo-boss | @stephenkendal | @xpilar |

Please support this challenge!

Stand by

Sincerely yours



 2 years ago 

3 минуты назад Transfer 1.000 STEEM to axeman Photo of the week 20
3 минуты назад Transfer 1.000 STEEM to niniveh29112 Photo of the week 20
3 минуты назад Transfer 1.500 STEEM to boddhisattva Photo of the week 20
4 минуты назад Transfer 2.000 STEEM to bassamjamal Photo of the week 20
4 минуты назад Transfer 3.000 STEEM to qwerrie Photo of the week 20
5 минут назад Transfer 2.500 STEEM to prostosun winner-winner chicken dinner

You have to keep an eye on these boxing crocodile's in Australia.
We found this one up in the Northern Territory last week.


 2 years ago 


Gran foto @vcclothing

 2 years ago 


My Entry To The Contest: Photo of the week #20 | Submissions post


@mister-omortson, AWESOME CONTEST THANK U :)

hey, thanks for appreciating my poor baldy dandellion fella, I was very much surprised getting so high with an ordinary photo! Winter is not dandellion time, did you miss the June already?! ;)


and here is my entry for the next round. maybe its not a great photo, but a nice moment captured, I am proud with this fresh streetphoto capture.

 2 years ago 

All go, look... go home!

Всё ходите, смотрите... идите домой :)

What are you doing one winter night on Nevsky Prospekt?
Priestess of love or slave of passion?
You are wearing a mask, you are hiding your face, are you ashamed?
No, you are free and independent.
Free? You can't leave here.
Or maybe you just like it here?
You just enjoy catching the hungry glances of passers-by.
However, you are just a soulless dummy.
Or do you have a soul?

One without a soul, with striking shapes, does not suffer from cold, nor the loneliness of the heart sometimes it is an extraordinary resemblance to life itself

 2 years ago 

I agree @sacra97.
Shakespeare spoke correctly, our whole life is a continuous theater. It's hard to understand where the people are and where the puppets are.

Have a witness !BEER

Felicidades a los ganadores
Saludos @mister-omortson. Feliz 2021

Hermosa flor de Hortensia

Son hermosas las hortensias, de esas flores no te tenido todavia @javima

Si mi querida, con un violeta y azul hermoso.

Hermoso ramo!!

Gracias amiga @esthersanche. Si son muy hermosas.

Hola @mister-omortson saludos de año nuevo.

Aquí de nuevo con una participación con este lindo azulejo comiendo Níspero.


Que hermoso azulejo @zhanavic69

This is a camping site of an island called Baththalangunduwa. Near Sri Lanka.


if you are interested more about it. Read it here.

 2 years ago (edited)

Un hermoso lugar @rasinkani A beautiful place

Felicitaciones a los ganadores ;)

Photo of the week #20

Plaza Bolívar de Paso Real De Macaira, Un pueblito de Guárico - Venezuela , la foto la tome el pasado 30 de Diciembre, con mi celular Redmi 8.

Una hermosa plaza para descansar un rato @yurilaya

Felicidades a los ganadores, acá les dejo mi participación, fotografía tomada en mi primera visita a la playa este 2021!


Muy hermoso caracol marino, un contraste blanco con el azul verdoso del mar @mcarol19

¡Me encantan las fogatas! ¿y a tí? Y aún más en las que se cocina una deliciosa carne asada...


Hermosa y deliciosa @crissanch

My entry!

This was on January 2, 2021. Taking advantage of the first visit to the beach !!!


Una costa rocosa lllamativos colores @esthersanchez

Es increíble como ves las cosas después de un tiempo. A lo mejor ha sido un cambio paulatino, sin embargo a mi me parece brusco por lo diferente que se ve y por el tiempo que tenía sin visitarla. Parece que el tiempo no pasa en vano!;)
Un abrazo querida @sacra97!

I wish I could walk along this beach, wet my feet in the Ocean. so jealous!!!!

oh! Sometimes it is so long that I am without going to the beach because of the quarantine that I miss it too.
Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts!
A hug!

This is my entry for this week:


 2 years ago (edited)

Great application! But... maby You would participate with it in food challenge?

Ok, I will move it to participate food challenge.

The apple blossom is very beautiful, and I already want spring so much.


Felicidades a los ganadores, acá les dejo mi participación para que disfruten de esta vista. @mister-omortson y amigos mi fotografía tomada en mis paseos al cerro el Morro en Lechería, Estado Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Congratulations to the winners, here is my participation so that you can enjoy this view. @mister-omortson and friends my photograph taken on my walks to El Morro hill in Lechería, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela.


Las vistas al mar, siempre serán las mejores!
Un gran abrazo @sacra97!

My entry:
Madrid´s Puerta de Alcala, full of snow.


You can find this photo and couple more in my post:

Feliz Año y felicidades a los ganadores.

La fotografía que hoy comparto la puedo describir como:

Conexión con la naturaleza

A esta foto la llamo en paz con el universo.


Hola felicidades para los ganadores, esta es mi participación.


KIRA posando para mi.

Hi Everyone

Congratulations to all the winners!

This is my entry:


Cumaná Avenida Perimetral sector monumento. Ocaso .

Hola a todos.

Felicidades a los ganadores. Por acá les dejo mi entrada de esta semana.

Despidiendo a las fiestas decembrinas.

Suerte a todos los que participan.
Bendiciones y feliz 2021.

Thank you so much for considering my entry as worthy
Looking forward in participating more contest ❤️

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Nu ty zhe znaesh moe otnoshenie k nizhnemu belyu :D

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