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Week 05

Another week of activities in the World of Xpilar, in which we celebrate according to many traditions the spirit and remembrance of the dead. In México is definitely one of the most important festivities during the year. In this celebration there is a mixture from the ancestral traditions, the times of the Spanish colony and the modern days. The Altar de Muertos, the visit to the cemetery, the delicious Pan de muerto, the funny Calaveritas de azucar, the costumes.

Here is a little photo-gallery from these days here in Mérida, México:

"Altar de muertos" in the main square.

"Altar de muertos" in a house.

Pan de muertos

Costumes party in the school

I hope you have also enjoyed these days with all your loved ones from this and the other world.

About this selection

I will be making a selection of three posts from community members that I visited during the week and whose quality and content have seemed outstanding to me, increasing a little more the rewards they have achieved for their exceptional work.

The goal is that part of the rewards of this post go to three authors weekly by receiving a percentage of the rewards (20% each one) as beneficiaries, in addition, this showcase of their work can also serve as a stimulus to invite more people to support these publications with votes and/or good comments and maybe give the authors a follow.

The works selected each week are according to my personal criteria on quality and individual expression. I will try at all times to maintain the variety of the authors, themes, means of expression and personal style.

I hope this initiative is a boost to the amazing creators who share their talents in the World of Xpilar Community.

The posts selected this week are the following:

Rewards (atm)
Olive Oil Production ~ Step by Step (24 photos)

An amazing journey through the production process of the olive oil from the family farm.
Repetition is the mother of learning. Or degradation

An impressive photo-gallery showing the work with the light, also an interesting reflection by the author about the learning process.
Graphic portrait made with a set of sauces. Графический портрет, выполненный набором соусов

A portrait using the not so common sauces (graphic tools), to show this beautiful results.

I invite you to visit these authors, taking into consideration that some of these posts may have been paid out, but you can always show your support on more recent posts.
I hope you've liked this Selection of the week.

Last week's selected authors will receive their rewards, as shown next:


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Wow, thank you very much @leveuf it is a great honor to be chosen among the three best posts this weekend. For me personally, this is one of my favorite posts I have ever published. Maybe because it’s part of the tradition so I’m so connected to olive oil. And the process itself is interesting, and I think I managed to describe it well in detail step by step with a lot of pictures, I'm glad you liked it too.

Thank you again on rewards and this is one of my great motivations for further quality work in the WOX community. ✌👀👍

 3 years ago 

It is an excellent post, and represents very well all your personal experience which you share with us to learn more!!
I enjoyed a lot!!
Best winds for life and projects, @To-Tru!!

Thank you @leveuf for the kind words, wishes, and everything you do for us in the WOX community.
Every wind like this pushes me forward and means a lot to me.
Thank you my friend and of course I wish you all the best in your private and business life and a lot of quality projects in this community.

... see you around buddy!

 3 years ago 

Thanks a lot, @To-Tru!! :)
Abrazo grande para ti!!

#club5050 😀

 3 years ago 

I'm much grateful for your support on this post, and the impulse for the users and the platform with this great initiative of the Club50/50!!
Best winds for all the projects on the Steemit Team!!

Gracias por la información de las celebraciones del Día de los Muertos en México.
Me gustó la selección de los tres usuarios. Y ya les estaré visitando hoy.
Renuevo mis felicitaciones para ti @leveuf por tu siempre excelente trabajo y para el equipo de @xworldofxpilar dedicado a este hermoso esfuerzo de presentar y animar a usuarios de la comunidad.
Un abrazo grandote lleno de luz y esperanza.

 3 years ago 

Más abrazos para ti, @Mllg!! Y gracias por apoyar esta iniciativa y a esos talentosos artistas que desde todas las regiones engalanan esta plataforma!!
Muchas bendiciones y buenos vientos para ti y los tuyos de este y del otro lado!!

Gracias, mi amigo. De todos los lados, jeje
Van nuevos abrazos.

 3 years ago 

Excelente amigo @leveuf

 3 years ago 

¡Muchas gracias por la visita y aliento!
Van abrazos grandes, @Heribertor!!

 3 years ago 

Siempre al pendiente de tus interesantes informaciones y concursos amigo @leveuf

 3 years ago 

¡¡Muchas gracias!!
Por acá o por allá, nos seguimos encontrando!! :)

 3 years ago 

Gracias amigo @leveuf al pendiente estamos en la comunidad

Gallery is very impressive to you, your choice is always very good I am happy to enjoy. @leveuf

 3 years ago 

Thanks for your visit and encouragement, @Marcojon!! I'm glad you enjoy with the work of these authors!! It's always a finding when walking through the WOX!!
Best wishes for you and yours!!

 3 years ago (edited)

Yes, everything is correct. The spirit of the dead must be honor. In Latvia this Sunday will be the last day of farewell to the dead. After that, you cannot go to the cemetery until spring. Thanks for your post. Such traditions.

 3 years ago 

It must be the Sun cycles, or maybe ancient traditions that spread through the time, but I can say that the presence of those worlds and planes can be felt on these days. Thank you for sharing a little from the Latvian traditions, @Steem-Venera.
I send the best wishes for you and yours!!

they are great artists, able to create happiness for others with beautiful works of art. very good choice.

 3 years ago 

Thanks for your visit and encouraging words!! I'm glad we agree on the talents of these authors! Always a pleasure to find beauty, such as in the great work in your blog, @Ewiendos!
Best winds for life and projects!!

Thank you very much. hopefully creative ideas always thrive in a healthy mind and can provide many benefits.

 3 years ago 

Excelente amigo @leveuf

 3 years ago 

Muchas gracias por la visita, @ChirinosMariJo!!
Abrazo grande!

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