Day 2 Gold Coast Australia 🦘

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I have had a really good day 2 on the Gold Coast with the first day of work done & dusted, wasn't much of a work day as i spent half of it driving to & from the Airport - i had to pick up my co worker and that was more or less a 3 hour round trip.

This kiwi woke at 5.55am and got up and got ready for work, this work is in a liquor warehouse that only ships liquor and some bottled water.

I arrived there at 7.45am and went inside...

On the left is a photo i took while on route to the airport - really needed a pee pee then i saw the beach, the picture on the right is from the meeting room at work looking out to the car park.

It got to 27 degrees C here today which is pretty impressive for winter LOL.



Finished work at 3.30pm and drove back to the Hotel which meant i could go for walkies to get some exercise, here are some pictures from that 10K walk.



Found SeaWorld which brought back memories of our Family Holiday here last July, we went to SeaWorld and it was GREAT!



I got some chicken & veggies on noodles for dinner and its really nice, cheap as at $16 AUS and i think i may go back to that place again.



Here are my walkie stats

Tonight i plan to go and have a spa and maybe a sauna to finish the day off.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day weather wise so i hope i can see some at some point.

Have a good day

all pics are mine
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I am @kiwiscanfly 🥝🐔



A nice start to the work stint. I hope the rest of the days will go smoothly too. Cheers!

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So far so good :)

Well as usually you success make me straving..
The noodles must be delicious..

Stay safe and always healthy..
Keep walking and spirit..

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Thank you dinner was yummy


Have you settled and worked in Australia?

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I would like to personally...but my partner & kids don't want to move to Australia.

So it may be just me and cat moving over here LOL

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