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RE: Blitz contest -Guess the movie- round XLI

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 years ago (edited)

My try on round XXXII. You said that the puzzles are simple, so
Снимок экрана_2021-06-21_17-31-43.png
I decided to say that the first one came to mind. Maybe it's Sleepy Hollow. A skull, a pumpkin rider who looks like someone's toy, which is what he was... Probably the Van Tassel and Van Garrett family tree... And the sneakers at the bottom-maybe they symbolize the confrontation of the heroes.

 2 years ago (edited)

No, this is not a Sleepy Hollow

I would give you a hint

The pictures... this is print on the T-shirts of a main Hero

 2 years ago 

So, I can try again, within a week? Thank you anyway!

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