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Hello everyone, today I would like to share my process in creating a digital painting of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings charging into battle. This piece was done over several hours on GIMP using a wacom graphics tablet and there is a timelapse video at the end of the whole process.

Step 1

I create the background using a few of the general colours from the original image.

Step 2

I then create the overall gesture of him and the horse. I am not too worried about the accuracy at this point just creating the general form.

Step 3

This step required greater accuracy. On a new layer I lowered the opacity of the previous sketch and started a line drawing with some block colours.

Step 4

Using a new layer I create the black and white tones for the piece. I will then set this to multiply so that the colours beneath will become darker depending on how dark they are in this one.

Step 4

This step involved adding more tones to the colours and an overlay layer for where the light would hit.

Step 5

Combining all the layers produced this result. I am almost finished however, there are some small things I want to fix such as the face and the background before I finish.

Step 6

I pay extra attention in the accuracy and colours in the face before I finish as this is the main focal point of the piece. I also add in the background soldiers with a lower opacity. This came from the original photo as it was less important for the overall piece but provided context.



Below is a timelapse with some Lord of the Rings music added to the background. Enjoy :)

Thanks for checking out the post and for all your support! :)



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Hi friend, an excellent painting, it looks great, thanks for sharing! Greetings!

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