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RE: Shopping for Basic Needs: How often do you shopping 🛒?

in WORLD OF XPILAR3 months ago

The items you shop for are essential, especially the food items. I also shop occasionally, but not online, I prefer to go shopping at shopping malls. But beer is not included in my shopping list, everything else is. I also buy these occasionally. Especially the food.
I hope you have a beautiful day

 3 months ago 

Hehehe.. thanks for stopping by, I don't buy beer either coz I don't take it even red wine I don't take it at all, but some of my friends do! So I get one should they requested for it when on visit..hehe😊


I avoid beer, don't drink. Because in our religion drinking beer is forbidden, and it is harmful to our health. You can eat juice, I eat juice too. Different fruit juices. It is much more beneficial for health. Tea or coffee and some other foods

 3 months ago 

Yes... Benefits of fruits are lot.

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