Shopping for Basic Needs: How often do you shopping 🛒?

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How often do you do your shopping, quartly, seasonly or every week? Welcome to my blog and world of xpilar community. I was your day today everyone I want to believe we are all doing well as expected! I'm not a fan of frequently shopping , but occasionally I do go for shopping to pick some things needed up, note there is different between "Need" and Want" as everyone knows not all what you want in life could come over to you straight away, some will come when not expected while some may not even comes to fulfilment, don't twist it, a man could desire he wants jet but might not have opportunity to step on jet, life is inbalance, something that work for Mr A might not work for Mr B, some are fans of outing weekly, some monthly, but this is not apply to me , my style like old school hehe 😊







Let me hear your style too, in most cases I prefer to order for things on internet, if you check my cat on online shopping I might add a product that before I checkout to buy it , it might outofstock but I can't receive reminder message if those items were available too, but when I use shopping no notification and the annoyed part I buy something be it chocolate, pop-up chichi etc but a week later you won't find them around again it annoyed really, that made me to have much trust on online shopping and If it's doesn't meet my choice I do complaint and return the items which I'm not satisfied with and in couple of days I might ask to which ways I do like to get my refund either into bank account or through other means!

But today, few days ago I was out of some needs at home, I couldn't wait longer coz some online shopping orders might arrive late, I choose to do manual shopping, I share with you some in the below some photos taken.


Thanks for stopping by on my blog.


CameraInfinix NOTE 10 PRO
Camera LensA-QUAD 64M 1:1.8-25/16-24mm

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I particularly prefer to buy personally not online and by the way strawberry ice cream will always be a good buy haha. Greetings.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for the contribution!!

You are very correct, vanilla ice cream is cool 😎



The items you shop for are essential, especially the food items. I also shop occasionally, but not online, I prefer to go shopping at shopping malls. But beer is not included in my shopping list, everything else is. I also buy these occasionally. Especially the food.
I hope you have a beautiful day

 3 months ago 

Hehehe.. thanks for stopping by, I don't buy beer either coz I don't take it even red wine I don't take it at all, but some of my friends do! So I get one should they requested for it when on visit..hehe😊


I avoid beer, don't drink. Because in our religion drinking beer is forbidden, and it is harmful to our health. You can eat juice, I eat juice too. Different fruit juices. It is much more beneficial for health. Tea or coffee and some other foods

 3 months ago 

Yes... Benefits of fruits are lot.

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