While waiting for the summer.

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Stories from the north. Summer 2020.


A long winter is soon to and end, and after posts with snow, and more snow I take a brake from it with this pictures from last summer. Just to remember we have summer in the north with midninght sun in opposite to the dark polar night in the winter.


This beach is located at the island Andøya towards the North Atlantic. Even here you can enjoy warm evenings in the sunset... sometimes.... if lucky.


This is also my entry to the The World of XPILAR - LANDSCAPE/SEASCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #073.


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That is impressive, to see such warm nice evening with sun dropping such long rays and reflection of yellow-pink on wet sun. Amazing. I love that feather very romantic scene. Thank you for sharing :)

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Summer evenings like this is precious. And yes, romantic too 😄. Thank you very much for the nomination.

the beach has a million beauty, and brings serenity, and the scenery is very good my friends really like it @harkar

Thank you very much.

Is this a rare moment?
and I really like the photo.

Thank you very much 😊

You're welcome

Fantastic sunset!

Great you liked it😊

Very beautiful!!!

Thank you 😊

You also have to accept this summer, winter has left you.

This is the light I like the most, I also shoot the sunset light very often.
I myself was amazed by the setting sun light.
The moment I saw it, I would have wanted to take some pictures of it.

Thanks for sharing, I really like it.

The winter is soon to an end. Looking forward to nice evenings in the summer.

Hope you can enjoy it all.

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Great. Thank you very much.

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Thanks a lot. Great you liked it.

The color of the sky is very beautiful, you can enjoy it with friends while joking and family. Nice @harkar

It was a very nice evening with friends. You have absolutely right.

Yes, I can feel that from the beautiful photos of you friends. greetings to you and your family @harkar

Wow... Beutifull sunset @mattmcguire

Thank you very much.