Winter flowers, berries & Zen practice ❄️ 🌸

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The winter garden at the Botanic Garden is full of colour and inspiration.


I am reading “Zen: The Art of Simple Living” by the monk, Shunmyō Masuno, who teaches that a Zen lifestyle is one that is constantly in contact with nature 🎋 It is beautifully written and illustrated for inspiration.


Whilst home working during this lockdown in the U.K., I have an opportunity to take short breaks to do yoga with Adriene (on YouTube) or Chi Gong (streamed from the London Buddhist Centre). I am embracing the idea that every day is a new day; that nature changes from moment to moment and we are part of nature 💭

 9 months ago 

Hi friend, good to see you, beautiful picture, nature is spectacular! I think you have great gardens at your fingertips. Greetings!

Hi, thanks for your lovely comment 🙏🏽

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