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Good morning everyone, I made this post related to @tomoyan post WOXFI: 900 $WOX Token Giveaway, because I really like $Wox Token so I joined this Giveaway.

WoxFi is a Crypto token Project planned by World of Xpilar late last year. $WOX is now available in SunSwap V2, and can be purchased using TRX as a medium of exchange.

As we know now is the time for Cryptocurrency, so I am very happy and proud because the Xpilar World Community can have its own Crypto token, namely WOX (World of Xchange).

In this regard, local members of the @Aceh-team and I would like to thank @The100 and all the team for their hard work in issuing $WOX tokens.

After reading and studying the roadmap in the Wox Nation - WoxFi discord, at first I was very surprised by this WoxFi project which will provide APY returns of up to 50,000%. after I explore further then I assume that WoxFi has a clear project and not a fake project.

Here I provide Wox Nation On Discord Roadmap - WoxFi
Since we Only Soft Launched Our protocol enabling Users to Stake Wox Tokens at 50K % APY there are still many things that needs to be done. We are working day and night and giving our 100% to complete the remaining features and Below is a list of features that will be avilable to Users Very Soon.

  1. Liquidity Mining
    Users Can Use there Supplied LP to Mint WOX Tokens into circualtion at amzing Rate
    a) 1 Month : 1000% Return in WOX for locking LP for one month
    b) 3 Month : 5000% Return in WOX for locking LP for three month
    c) 6 Month : 20000% Return in WOX for locking LP for Six month
    d) 9 month : 35000% Return in WOX for locking LP for nine month
    e) 12 Month : 65000% Return in WOX for locking LP for Twelve month

  2. Minting WOX By Bonds
    Users can Sell their Assets to Protocol TO mint new WOX Tokens into circulation at a discounted rate .Bonding will enable Users to Deposit USDT, TRX, woxSTEEM into Protocol after Deposting these Tokens Protocol Will grow its treasury Balance which will Back All Wox Into Circulation and USers will get WOX Tokens 20% each day for 5 days.
    For Example 1 Wox = $1 , if any User bond $100 USDT and Mint WOX they will get 166 WOX Tokens Instead on only 100 over a period of 5 days meaning 33.2 Tokens each day. Similar use case with TRX and woxSTEEM.

  3. woxSTEEM
    If users use a lot of woxSTEEM that will grow our steem balance in wox-exchange account which we shall PowerUP, we will also buy Steem From Treasury and Power UP Steem Account.
    After We Build an ample amount of SP then we shall use it to Vote STEEM Posts . Users will be able to buy votes buy burning WOX Tokens which will be an amazing Feature to remove WOX From Circulation.

    Nodes Are NFT's That will be unique for Each User and can be purchased with wox tokens only . Nodes will lock WOX into itself and only Mantures over specific period (Lock Duration Not Decided Yet ) and Users holding NFT can sell them back to protocol once the lock time is over.
    Nodes will not grow its Dollar Price but grow in Depository of WOX . For example someone minted Nodes for 200 WOX Tokens and held it for 1 year after which the protocol might buy it for 10,000 WOX (Formula not yet worked on, only asumption data).


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