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Starting this Sunday, I have decided to share weekly reflections. The aim is to be more thoughtful and to simply reflect on the week's events. You may or may not find it interesting but I will try to make it as useful or as reflective for you too, as I can.

SmartWatch Hunt

I am not a watch person. It's not just watches, any kind of accessories (even delicate jewelry) irritates me. I do wear accessories to events but as soon as I step inside the home, I take even the tiniest studs off.

However, I've been thinking of buying a watch for myself. Now obviously, I won't go for a mere ornament, it has to offer more.

I'm looking for a good smartwatch to keep my physical activity in check. I do keep running round the clock doing chores but I want to be regular with walk and exercise.

I have Garmin's Venu Sq in mind. I'd welcome more suggestions if you are a smartwatch enthusiast. I don't prefer Apple because then I'll have to buy an iPhone. I thought about getting Samsung's Galaxy Watch 6 since I use a Samsung phone, but my personal experience and the Internet say Samsung sucks at battery life.

Welcomed a Baby Girl

One of my dear friends is blessed with a baby girl. It was the most-awaited baby of this year. Her two boys and my boys had a great time deciding baby's name.

I wanted to help the family to make the delivery time easy for them. I cooked and sent food to them which they all loved.

Later, I went to the hospital to meet the baby girl and the mommy. I had almost forgotten, how small newborns are. The baby was so tiny, so pink, and was staring at me attentively with her eyes wide open. 🥹

My kids are still too young but after holding that tiny baby, I realized mine have grown so much and it feels like I will blink another eye and they will grow another foot.


Sweets (mithai) sent by the new baby's parents

School Runs

The school runs have become increasingly stressful for me. One kid goes to elementary and the other is a pre-schooler. Both have different timings which means from morning to noon, I am busy chauffeuring them.

Moreover, somebody hit and dented my car during this parade, a few days ago. I started parking the car at the end of the road and walked some extra steps towards the school to stay away from the traffic.


Sundays are for Staying In

Kids always want to play something with me or their dad. I usually refuse but their dad loves spending time with them. Today, I was free in the morning, so we played dominoes for a while. It was fun. My son taught me how to play.

I didn't know there were many games of dominoes. Thinking of learning a couple more.


I spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen. Cooked Behari Rolls for the first time which I recently tried in a restaurant. I didn't know the recipe and my version still needs some perfection. Therefore, not sharing the recipe.



One needs to keep the kids happy too, hence the chocolate cake. It doesn't look presentable but the kids loved it, so it's a win.


Steem Musings

It was a disappointing week as I was happy to come across new talented authors. But it turned out they were all fake or abusing the system. Nevertheless, I aim to keep interacting with newbies because as I said earlier under another post,

I think we should only be mindful of votes but try to interact with newbies as much as we can. The deserving one will value the interaction and the rest will feel impatient and eventually leave because to them $$ matters more than connections.

It's time for bed and I'm already dreading tomorrow's school runs.

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Can I have one of those bihari rolls? Yum yum!

What an interesting post. Loved it.

You know how to turn daily life things into musings. Looking forward to reading these weekly reflections.

Can I have one of those bihari rolls?

It was a test run today so I made only 3. Also, it wasn't perfect. Will definitely send you next time. (:

I wish to continue this as a weekly post. Hopefully, I won't have second thoughts.

 last month 

Interesting post format. As for a smart watch, I can't advise you because I don't have one myself. In this uncertain time, I try to use funds rationally, just in case. However, I am going to buy a new phone as mine is already too old.

Your chocolate cake killed me. I had to move my lunch break at work an hour earlier :-)

As for newcomers, we have already talked about it with you. It's very demotivating to look for new talent, but I still don't give up.

In this uncertain time, I try to use funds rationally, just in case. However, I am going to buy a new phone as mine is already too old.

Well, you should invest in a phone if you can because it's a necessity. I'm still pondering if getting a smartwatch is a wise decision or an irrational one in the current inflation. I've been meaning to get one for years, the longer I delay, the higher the price gets.

Your chocolate cake killed me.

Apologies. 😅

but I still don't give up.

We can't. It's part of the system.

 last month 

Looks like an awesome week & busy!

Enjoyed reading this

Thank you for stopping by... yeah, it was a happening week.

Annoying about the damage to the car... The main thing is that nobody got hurt. But damn, those Behari Rolls look delicious!!!

The main thing is that nobody got hurt.

Yes...the impact was low because he bumped into the parked car while reversing. He and his daughter were fine and as for us, we were walking towards the car, when it happened.

those Behari Rolls look delicious!

I know, right? The ends of the wraps got a bit chewy after baking but in general the taste was divine. 🤤


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