Cycling Tales - Riding Down the Memory Lane

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Scene 1:

The cold wind gushed against my face as I ferociously peddled my steel-blue bike on the road which was under reconstruction. I barely heard the warning/concern, "careful... you win anyways" from behind, when suddenly the wheel wobbled on a pointy rock, throwing me a few feet away on a bed of rocks.

I lifted my head in confusion to see what exactly had happened, but the excruciating pain in one of my knees and elbow welled up tears in my eyes. My new pants were torn from the knee and I was bleeding like crazy.

I muffled my sobs, didn't want to make a spectacle of myself, as if falling from the bike was completely normal. I mentally recited, "Big girls don't cry, it's going to be okay."

I was later brought home by my friends as I couldn't walk, got Tetanus, and spent the whole week at home because I couldn't move my leg.

Winter vacations of a 6-year-old were ruined...


Scene 2:

If I take this shortcut then I can easily leave Maria behind. I have crossed this path hundreds of times, I should be able to race through it.... thud...bang... ouch...and I'm lying on the bricks, after hitting my bike to the pole.

Sneaking away from Maria didn't work as she was now helping me to stand up.

Babies play traditional hide-and-seek but we (big kids) play it on bicycles. The adrenaline rush caused by racing through the empty roads and hiding from one street to another is unmatchable. But this stupid off-road shortcut...


Scene 3:

Mom is coming back any minute from the market. I should race to the bus stop, otherwise, she would have to walk 500 meters and carry the heavy groceries back home all by herself.

I feel nervous and exhilarated both at the same time, now that I've gotten rid of both the training wheels and riding just fine.

Mom was relieved to see me and I beamed at her as she hung the grocery bags on the handles of my bicycle, carefully balancing the weight on both sides. She walked behind me as I carefully rode back home.

I think I've got this, let's speed up a little. It's so much more fun this way. I can see the home... oh no... oh no...why brakes are not working... I'm too fast... how should I stop... I've crossed the home and it's still not stopping...

I tried touching my foot down but...

oh... a car is coming... let's turn the bike towards the neighbours' driveway (the only safest way).

thud... bang... ouch...

I hit the parked car, a bag of onions fell, ripped open and there were onions everywhere.

Thankfully, I'm safe, the car looks fine too.

I quickly grabbed the onions and stuffed them in other bags before anyone could see me. I cleared the crime scene in time. As I walked towards my home, the neighbours called from back, "Pick up the lonely onion lying under the car."


25 years later...

I'm instructing my now 7-year-old son on how to ride a bicycle. He got his trainer wheels removed by his own choice. But now he's scared. He's our little Sheldon Cooper who loves trivia and playing games on the couch but physical activities... He does play cricket and football but he always prefers to remain on the safe side. I got him elbow and knee pads. Let's see how is training goes...


Watching him, unconsciously reminded me of my own childhood. I loved cycling any day, any time. I used to win every race because Dad got me a racing bike. Although I got good with time, there were a few accidents that flashed back before my eyes when I saw my son sweating over keeping his balance.

I've never had a journal, but these days, I feel like writing down as many memories as I can. I won't mind if you skip.

 2 months ago 

I won't mind if you skip.

Why would I miss some of the best posts in my feed? 🤔

You are a kind soul.

It's been years and still I am never sure about anything I write.

 2 months ago 

It's been years and still I am never sure about anything I write.

With me the same. I am interested in different things, and I often doubt whether it is worth publishing a post on a particular topic. I understand that for some followers it will be absolutely uninteresting. Apparently, the same situation has any author.

I understand that for some followers it will be absolutely uninteresting.

Of course. It's impossible to please everyone at once. The golden rule is - always write for one person. It will make the piece unique, interesting and relatable to all those who are interested. If we try to please everyone than we mostly end up staying on the surface, not truly connecting to any of the readers.

I'm usually not worried about the topic - I worry about making it relatable or interesting enough to at least one reader.

For me, one good comment (that matches the vibe of the post) is a win.


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Cycling itself shouldn't be the problem, I think. But what about the traffic in your area...? In the countryside, my kids were out and about on their bikes on their own. I could never imagine that in the city!

I have always lived in closed-communities, so traffic has never been a problem. It's almost non-existent. The little traffic we have strictly follows community rules which are designed keeping kids' safety in mind. So it's been always safe for me (as a kid) and now for my kids.

I see these closed communities as both a curse and a blessing... In this respect, they're a great thing: you don't need to be glued to your kids all the time and yet you know - they're safe.

You are right. Everything has its pros and cons. But seeing the current security situation of the country, I feel blessed.

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