Mother's Love [Photostory]

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When a mother tries to explain something to her child, of course there is an unusual attitude we find there. One of them as we can see in the following picture, namely affection. So it is not wrong if in the saying ever mentioned, Mother's love throughout the ages.

One afternoon I tried to capture some pictures of a mother and her child in a lake while watching the sun sink, here are some pictures that I have captured, hopefully becoming my first introduction in the world of xpilar.

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Hello, welcome @ericha

Incredible photos, some of the finest I've seen in a long time

I think you come up with several good posts so I put you as a member of our community

 last year (edited)

thanks @xpilar..
just lucky moment in the photo time that days :D
nice to be here, I would make another some of photography :)

Beautiful picture and such a nice scene mother and child :)

By the way I am wondering if you know that the developer of Steemworld program that we all use on daily basis @steemchiller is going for witness. If you have not voted yet, please do vote for witness for him. Here is the last post of him.

Thank you for appreciated my own and my pleasure, lets see what an interesting there :)