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Hi steemians...
It's another beautiful season of love and celebration... Thanksgiving and Halloween just passed and the Christmas holidays are setting in fast....
Today I wanna share a message of hope and diligence in form of an achromatic painting I just made...I title it One Man's Dreams ..


One Man's Dreams is a 120cmX90cm dry-brush technique painting that illuminates the struggle of keeping up with dreams and visions. Being born into the trenches of an African society, I have seen people give up dreams and aspirations simply because they were born into a place of disadvantage, a place of lack,a place of little.


For me in my society, superstition and taboos are a real thing; being born female or not into the crème de la crème of the society already is enough setback and deterrent to having big dreams. It's often believed that as a person from a certain class or gender,certain aspirations are not meant to be feasibly appealing to you,as in the natural societal order,you are not meant to achieve those; but I have been one who has dreamt big my whole life and I've seen most of those visions breathe life and come forth from the nothingness I conceived them from. Therefore,I come with that same "gospel" of diligence and believe to give people.



IMG_3284 (1).jpg

One Man's Dreams is the stepping stone to your dreams,it starts with being a lucid dreamer,being in charge first of a reality you created, being the architect of your visions and now breathing life into those dreams little by little until they come into the realm of the tangible...Dreams come true,but it begins with how much life you feed it..
Happy holidays in advance ❤️


How beautiful! You are a great talent! Just amazing.😍

Thank you @marochka for those kind words❣️

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Thank you @art-venture...I'd never be tired of saying these words to you cos of your unwaning support for Creatives here....cheers❣️❣️

This is really dope and lovely. It took you how long to complete?

Thanks @teemax....
Well,I worked on it for about 5days...over 45 to 50hrs totally

It's worth it though!

 5 months ago 

You did miracles as always 👌 Your writing with deep meanings is also impressive. The shining on the woman's skin looks perfect. I always like your jewelry drawings, especially your emphasis on metal objects. I wish you would share these amazing drawings more often 🤗

Thank you @serap ,first for those kind words...
And second,I'm really struggling to make posts cos I'm shuffling between being a commissions' artist and doing my personal job...but I appreciate the comments and I'll do my best to post some more and stay relevant on the space....cheers❣️❣️

 5 months ago 

I see. Then, we are happy that you take the time to Steemit in your busy work schedule and share your valuable work with us 🤗

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"Dreams come true,but it begins with how much life you feed it'... So true... I love this piece so much,your details are amazing too,woww🔥🔥🔥👌👌👏👏👏... Great job

Thank you very much for those kind words...I'm honoured ❣️❣️🙏

That's amazing work! :)

Thank you @daverobe... it's an honour

excellent art work friend greetings

Thanks @betzaelcorvo.... it's a pleasure

This is really fantastic

Thanks @artographer... it's my pleasure...
And happy holidays

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