You are completely right but this sentence made me sad 🙄

So much to do, so little life to do it in.

When I think about it, many of the things I do daily and my ordinary problems seem so meaningless 🤷🏻‍♀️ Btw, thanks for this video, I liked it 🌸

I am feeling very maudlin this morning. There is a young lady in Nigeria whom I have corresponded with and attempted to encourage. This is an unsettling time for most people, especially the young who don't have the life experiences to put things into context. Her family is very religious, and I tried to add my perception of God in the current context.

Nothing that you do or experience is meaningless. You are a beautiful flower. Every drop of rain and speck of soil have contributed to what you are. I have made many blunders and committed errors in judgment, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't be here today.

I am glad that I made you feel a little sad. Perhaps it might spark within you a little more impetus to explore the things that give you joy. I wrote a little about how I like to have love expressed to me a while ago. Some people like to receive gifts; some like to have actions; some like to have words. In my case, I like to receive time.

You have so many mundane things to look forward to with the one you will love or currently love. Having croissants and coffee for breakfast; holding hands in a movie theatre; having a picnic; listening to music together; napping together in the sun; all are ordinary things, and I hope you might spend the rest of your life finding more.

I read your "God commentary" to get some sense of the Maudlin feeling. I liked your river analogy, which is original and meaningful. I hope your friend and child in Ukraine are safe. Have they moved to another country? It is very worrying that people we care about are at risk.

Nothing that you do or experience is meaningless.

This sentence and what you said with it impressed me, it needs to be thought about. Also, it is very lovely of you to describe me as a beautiful flower 😊

You are so right when you say about mundane things. Everything we experience does not necessarily have to have great meaning or be very important.

I confess that people frustrate me at times. As you recall, I had negotiated with you to act as a liaison before things got intense in Ukraine. My primary contact in Cherkasy will not leave, nor will she put me in contact with any of the other people that I met ten years ago to help them escape. So far, I know of only a mother and daughter of a family I was friendly with who have escaped to Italy, but the father would not be allowed to leave the country (because he is subject to conscription).
I apologize if I am venting to you, but perhaps it might be educational to learn about some of the attitudes that arose from communism. I had attempted to have the children at the orphanage transported to Canada early on. I confess that I did have ulterior motives because part of my suggestion was that the teachers and support people and their families could choose to continue supporting the children by coming to Canada. The orphanage administrator turned that offer down because of a policy that the children must remain in Ukraine. Subsequently, the orphanage distributed all but a handful of children into the community. The administrator and her husband (who was turned back at the border) took most of the remaining children to a neighbouring country to be housed in excellent facilities. My friend received pictures of the smiling children while she was left with the remaining child (and a little more challenging to deal with) was left crying from loneliness.
As it happens, more children have arrived, including one two-year-old who was found alone wandering the streets. I assume the child was two-years-old because he hadn't been potty trained. Part of this group of people who arrived were two adults. Children can be fed but not adults according to policy. My friend and her mother have been buying food for them.
There is a proverb, "give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." What social media platform do you know pays when you submit pictures or articles? My friend knows about Steem, exchanges and has traded in cryptocurrencies but is reluctant to educate these women on the process.
I am used to people not understanding me. It confuses me when people obstruct my attempts to help them or others.

Yes, you were foresighted and worried about your friends there before the attacks and you tried your best. I greatly appreciate this attitude. All that happened was shocking for the Ukrainians. Therefore, in extraordinary situations, people can make sudden decisions or change their decisions. It's definitely not easy psychology. People can be helped as much as they allow us.

I am not sure if being described as a flower is complimentary or not. It is true when you consider that a flower becomes more beautiful when it opens. There are some flowers, like roses, that are beautiful to look at but are thorny to the touch.
You can describe men to be like flowers, but generally speaking, they are blooming idiots.

You are right about flowers, they have negative aspects as well as beauty. Aren't we humans too? There is a sentence: one who loves roses should endure the thorns. The thorn is also part of the rose. What you said about flower men made me laugh 😅

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