🦍🍪Autoflowers in da Wild 18 days later

18 days have passed since i put 3 x Gorilla Cookie Autoflowers in the wild which i then followed up a day later by putting the last 3 in the same location.

On the left is yesterday's picture which has seen pretty good growth when compared to 18 days ago on the right.
Put your glasses on 🔍🔎👓



To help with keeping things low and out of sight they have been pinned down at the top, this helps keep them low but will also hopefully increase the yield.

Instead of 1 x big cola (flower) at the top and it looking like a fecking xmas tree, this means you get more top colas as the bottom of the plant is exposed to more light.


Here is the 1st post 18 days ago


when these are watered manually by me i make sure the water has a PH level of 6.5, i use a PH pen and PH down liquid to adjust the PH to what i want.


These if everything goes alright and we get some sunshine should be done by the first couple of weeks of February.


This also makes them look less like a normal cannabis plant as they will grow low to the ground, which is great for stealth.


Consider yourself updated on the Gorilla's in the Wild

Hope you have a good new years

Merry New Years

Blaze on @dr-autoflower


Coming along nicely. Good job. 👍😊

Yeah not too bad. let's see how the next 40-50 odd days goes.

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