🦍🍪Autoflowers in da Wild

Ok so a couple of weeks i found some Auto flower seeds and thought let's see if they germinate and go from there, i had 10 x seeds but only 7 came up.

The seeds are called Gorilla Cookies 🦍🍪and i got these about 6 months ago, they only take 2 months ob average to finish so we will see how they go.


Normally i grow under lights in an indoor environment but normally stop over the hottest of the summer months, these may get found and ripped off but i am happy to take the gamble.

I dug three holes and filled with potting mix and then planted them, the black potting mix soil made them stand out so i used the existing soil to cover the potting mix.


I decided to put a blue ring around them to make it easier to see, these plants are in a new sub division where work has stopped and i do not expect them to start again around February - hopefully.


I think it blends in quite nicely and i will be able to give them their water every couple of days as they are only a 4 minute bike ride to get to them.


For their first month they will be in a vegetative state then flick over to flowering at the start of January.
This is what is left from Stage 1 and i do have another spot for these 3 which i will sort out tomorrow.

Hoping they stay hidden and grow over the next 2 months, these should be done by the first week of February 2024.

Thanks for reading my gardening post today

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Thank you very much

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