Views to the famous Rock of Gibraltar here on my place in Andalucia /Spain --> 6 pictures <---

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Many of you may have heard about this rock already or even know it from some storries or because of being there in the past on a vacation trip, I like to show you some of my perspectives from that Rock what is so present in my life here in the south of Andalusia between Marbella and Cadiz, I hope you enjoy the pictures ;)

The first one is from one of the highest points here in the Manilva district


the second one nearly the same height from the last hill in the district


the third one is from the beach at the bounderies between the two Regions Málaga and Cádiz


the fourth one again from top of the hills at the border from Manillva to Sotogrande


the fifth one in the harbor from La Linea we´re coming closer


and the sixth one directly in front of it at the Spanish border in La Linea to the British-territory of Gibraltar a rock full of history and histories


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Hello friend, I loved the photographs. Each one of them is beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing them in the community. Happy afternoon.

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