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hello .... friends
today i am sharing with you Mandala elephant made by me using black Gel pen .
Here is the step by step

  1. take a white sheet of paper and draw a rough sketch of an elephant.

  2. now start making mandala from the upper body of elephant using a black mandala pen/ normal gel pen (you can use any colored pen , i like to make with black thats why i choosed black)

this is the zoomed in picture of the design in the above picture.

now start outlining the body of elephant and make details like teeth, ears, feet of the elephant.
now make designs/patterns to show the jewellery of the elephant and to make it look more attractive.

now make the eyes, teeth, crown, feather of the elephant and you are done with it!
this is the final picture of the artwork , hope you liked it!

#club100 today powerup 41 steem .

Screenshot (477).png

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Nice. 👍

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