The world inventions; The history and the case of the ski yard!

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You know, ski yards that are something we are building up in the mountain, or just inside the yard. And it is about making barriers and exclusion issues and problems various places where we are from time to time, and from place to place. So, we are putting barriers in our human minds, and sometimes we are friendly, and sometimes we are just an opponent!

What is a ski yard? Well, Stanley Jacobsen is writing about that. A ski yard is so many different things. It is a row of logs seen as a fence, and it is a barrier in your own mind, it is an old prejudice, a racial divide, hatred and envy or aversion, but any ski yard cannot last forever, you know, it can never last forever!

So, we should not put any ski yards into our minds, we should be free and open both for ourselves, and for meeting known and unknown people coming from the same and the different places in the countries where we are, or there are coming people from other countries to our country! But we cannot hate any, and we should love the people we are meeting, and freedom, diversity and love, that is the ways we are included people instead of closing them down to small things or to nothing. We should find our place at the earth and in the universe, and we should be friendly and good with all the humans we are discovering and finding in the world.

We should just form the world today, and we are creating and evaluating every thing we are facing, and we cannot be sure about anything when coming to quality and being best qualified to make and to take decisions. And consumer decision making is either fact or fiction, or it is both of these things, and nothing is nothing. And Jon Fosse is making the world as a friendly place, and we are and we are not in different environments in the world, and parties and religions that are things we are meeting and being exposed to from time to time. So, any environment that we have faced in the history and the story of our lives, is just hard settlement today, and we are being obstinate on any kind of attack and any angle where people are trying to seduce yourself and to mislead you into something you want or do not want.

So, the history of skiing, that is going long back in time, for instance in Russia 6000 years before Jesus Christ. And therefore, there is a long tradition and a long history of any kinds of using the skis, and being out there in the nature in the winter. And everything being new news, that is up to me, and I can form myself and my environment to get good information, funny situations and good moves with the sport activities.

When the ski yard came to the world, can maybe be traced back in the history of skiing and the skis. But research indicates that the ski yard came to Norway just 2500 years before Jesus Christ. And therefore people in Norway – the way in north – have been properly and thoroughly about making ski yards and using them from time to time and from place to place. With so long history of culture, the ski yard is not just some fencing. Making ski yards is an ancient craft tradition, and it is representing a deeply material understanding, and it is a natural part of the cultural landscape.

So, people love the ski yards, and that we are making structures in our human brains and our human minds, and we should be engaged with making our minds in free ways, and there are often many general ways of doing things, and there are some specific ways. And therefore, what can be done ever to any times, that is a question of what we demand and inquire and require from time to time. And we know, that schools that are leading today, can be losers in the future, so we should take care and doing things as good as we can!

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