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Macrophotography contest in the community
world of xpilar on Week XVI.

This contest was held by @sultan-aceh as a Moderator and supported by @xpilar as a community leader.

Hay .. friends of all

Today I want to share a little knowledge about differentiation. Between male and female mushrooms.

Today I will show you female mushrooms.

It looks very much the same as the mushrooms I posted 24 hours ago.
But this is different. This mushroom is a little soft. The stem is smooth

It grows in slightly damp soil.
Has a soft color. Gray. White and a little black. Looks very sweet and cute

Under the belly of the leaf. Colored white. Also has pore holes.

Really very beautiful this female mushroom ..

I will continue to look for the very rare mushroom mushrooms. And unique ..

I will collect them. In order to increase my knowledge about the types of mushrooms in the forests of Aceh

This mushroom I found in the forests of North Aceh Indonesia

I also thank @sultan-aceh
Because from him I have knowledge about distinguishing the types of mushrooms in the forests of Aceh.....

Tonight at 22.30 Western Indonesian time
I want to meet. @sultan-aceh again.I need guidance from him.

Female mushroom











Happy holidays. We wish all of us success together.

Greetings from me @designer-teem .

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