Patua/Pattachitra Painting : An Indian Folk Art forms (Shri Laxmi:: Indian Hindu Community Goddess)

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Hi guys
Hope you are doing well.
Today's #artwork is
Painting of Shri Laxmi:: Indian Hindu Goddess Sitting on an Owl and blessing everyone.

#Patua Painting:
Patua art or Pattachitra is a general term for traditional cloth-based scroll painting based in the eastern Indian states of Odisha and West Bengal. Patua painting of West Bengal combines storytelling, singing, and painting. Originally, they were painted as scrolls and were visual accompaniments to stories told through songs and ballads. Pattachitra art form is known for its intricate details as well as mythological narratives and folktales inscribed in it. Pattachitras are a component of an ancient Bengali narrative art, originally serving as a visual device during the performance of a song
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These are some pictures taken while making this #Painting::




& That's the final one again::
(Hope you like it)



Nice work @crafter :)

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How nice! This is stunning and completely beautiful. The colours combined quite well, making an incredible artwork. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks a ton sir.
I am glad you like it

 4 months ago 

I love that technique of painting on parchment, it would be a great detail to receive a painting of the Hindu culture, on several occasions I was invited to a meeting and they did not stop giving me food and they gave me some beautiful fabrics to make me a sari, beautiful memories.


Hi iam glad u like it.
Yes hindu religion has some great gestures.

A guest for an Indian is like God 🙏.
It's said अतिथि देवो भव:
And for us it's really a Fact.

Well coming to Food we Indians love serving the best cuisine to our guest.🙏😊

 4 months ago 

Oh, what beautiful answers, I don't expect less from you and from culture, thank you very much for the invitation, I love it when a person refers to his country with great pride, its traditions!

Greetings and blessings!

You are welcome ☺️.
Please be in touch for more traditional art forms.🙏

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