Walking The River Of Life ~ A River Conservation Project Turned into A Tourist Attractions

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Keep Calm Life Flows Like A River. I heard of the River of Life but have no idea where is the location and on this very special day, I got the chance to walk The River of Life, a river conservation project by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall. I arrived around 10 am and managed to see the mist sprayed out of the water covering the river top, beneath the old Masjid Jamek that was built in 1909, quite a nice view to see. Some cyclists enjoying their group rides and just leaving the area as I arrived so I managed to catch some photos of this group as well. I saw an uncle sitting enjoying his morning newspaper reading and the environment so cozy and peaceful. I would just do the same as him if I have a newspaper with me on a beautiful Saturday morning at this place.

This is the River of Life a project that aims to reconnect the city, the river, and the people, launched in 2012 by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall. The Klang River flows through the most densely populated area of the Klang Valley. Over the years due to the rapid development in the city, the river became increasingly polluted and it became a dumping ground that is disconnected from city people's daily lives. The project aims at river cleaning, river master-planning, and beautification with a USD1.3 billion project cost that covers the confluences of three city rivers, with a total area of 781 hectares and 63 hectares of water bodies.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure, hope you will like it too, cheers, ainie

Ainie Kashif at The River of Life

Look at that outstanding work of art, a beautiful mural behind me.
1 (2).jpg

Beautiful Mural at The River Of Life



Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur

You can see the old Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur that was built in 1909 and designed by Arthur Benison Hubback is one of the oldest mosques in Kuala Lumpur.


A City Folk enjoying a morning newspaper reading



Some Cyclists enjoying their group morning ride

1 (2).jpg

River of Life - Bridge location


Dustbin at The River of Life


Sign - What you are not allowed to do here


Makan Buzz River Side Cafe

There is this very nice cafe to quench your thirst if you feel like you are thirsty or hungry while walking here.


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That's all for now, wishing you a beautiful day ~ Life is Beautiful.

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Ainie, this was a very nice entry! but I am not sure that one particular photo you provided to enter the contest, is the best... hmmm.. I mean it may not look too original-looking, not enough intresting. Well, lets see, and anyway I wish to see you in the winners section :P

I love 'murals' photos so much - these cityscapes do look original. And also my fave is the photo of a trash-bin, decorated with water waves in such a pleasant way.

thanks for sharing! 100% upvoted.

No worries, winning is a bonus, entry is important for me to keep my page alive. I did not submit this mural photo because this one has been used before for that river collection week. But I did win 3rd place for @axeman's cityscape contest. Yes, they pay attention to small things like that dustbin, nice touch right. This river will be lighted at night and will change to different colors which are awesome to blog. I did think I wanna come here at night but of course, cannot because of the lockdown.

I also love murals so much. I have been trying to collect some mural photos but the lockdown has made it so difficult for me to produce stories as they have closed most of the place that I want to use for writing my blogs and that is really not good news for me. The lockdown here will be until the end of December if not extended again. It keeps on extending every time.

Thank you for your kind compliments, so happy you spend time to visit my page. I do really want to share good stories for reading pleasure but might run out of the topic if this lockdown continues. Still, a long way to go towards ending this lockdown, sigh, and the number of positive cases are on the rise daily here. That is really not helping and I can feel that we will stay in lockdown for a long long time. At the moment, we are confined within this city and not allowed to cross other state. So my movements are restricted within this city only, and there are so many roadblocks set up across the city.
That's how things going on around here now. Plus I have done 2 COVID-19 tests and it was the most uncomfortable test of my entire life. The good news only that I tested negative for both. The second test was done 14 days after the first test. Oh, I just pray, please stop all this testing, just too much for me to handle, really hate those tests, cheers, aini

uh. we have no 'lockdown' after mid-June, but shit is still on the ventilator, and all just became used to it. my wife grabbed C-19 in the beginning of October, but all in the family (!) managed not to fall into disease except of her father (we all live together at one flat). Happily, nor I, neither our baby decided to let it go. My wife suffered it in a bad way, but not the worst of it (her lungs were intact and she didnt go off to spent weeks in the hospital)...

as for the blog subjects - hmmm... cooking recipes? books, reading, movie reviews?
I've found recently a great moview review, and added this film to my bookmarks:
[Queen's Gambit ]https://steempeak.com/hive-139751/@mgaft1/queen-s-gambit-otzyv
it has pretty cool visuals, enaf for me to be hooked on it.
but I do not watch TV a lot, dont know when I will give it a go.
you mentioned that you started to minimize your TV and video gaming time, so I feel a bit ashamed directing you to the good movies :/ but... uhm...well, I cannot stop myself from doing so. Lets say it is an exception, ok?

'Russian Doll' - this is the Netflix movie I watched twice, its a very cool, sad and touchy story about the time loop, death, life and everything else. Action takes place at New-York. This girl dies every day (and its her birthday!) being revived each time to re-live all the same events in a different way, and to figure out how to escape from the labyrinth.

Hi @qwerrie, I am so shocked to learn that your wife and father in law had C19 but I believed both must have recovered well now. I pray all in your family will not have to face again with this dreaded disease.

Russian doll! That's so great to know, I am not subscribed to Netflix, maybe I should seriously think about subscribing to them now. It sounds like a great movie to get hook on. Why not right? Life should not be limited to only certain things. So nice to have a friend that can understand what to suggest to me hahaha. Today, I blog while watching TV and I feel okay rather than blog while sitting on my bed in my bedroom. And then I opened the balcony door and watched a beautiful view outside. I felt kind of distress, a nice Saturday after a long stressful week. Hope you are having the best weekend with your loved ones at home, cheers, ainie