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© 2022 @adivender. All rights reserved.

Summer Sunset January

Hello dear Steemians, hopefully the best hope can be achieved today. This coincided with summer, suddenly that afternoon the sky turned red. Making that afternoon a summer sunset, a phenomenon that doesn't happen all the time. This is a spontaneous moment that there is no preparation, I can only take my place where I am, there is no time to look elsewhere because time is very limited because it coincides with the time for Maghrib prayer.


© 2022 @adivender. All rights reserved.


© 2022 @adivender. All rights reserved.

Even though the beauty is ordinary, it also requires a bit of struggle to capture this moment because it coincides with the entry of the Maghrib prayer, I automatically prioritize the Maghrib prayer. For me the view of the sunset makes the mind calm and while praising the majesty of God. Always give thanks for still being able to enjoy the beauty of nature, may God always protect us.


© 2022 @adivender. All rights reserved.


© 2022 @adivender. All rights reserved.


© 2022 @adivender. All rights reserved.

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Captured taken using Smartphone OPPO Reno 4 edite with Snapseed app | © Images and text are my own | Category : LandscapePhotography-Sunset | Location : North Aceh-Indonesia.

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Thank you so much!.

Gawat that langet igampong droneh
Lage na tutong perde trieng 🤭🤭😂

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Hehe... Panei na tutong peurdei trieng, Pue na let Jen baro tutong!.👌


Pemandangan yang indah dan eksotis, good jobs teman

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Thank you brother!.👌

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