EasyAccountCreation With Facebook And Google + 500 Steem / Hive Writing Contest

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Dear quarantiners, we hope you're safe and healthy. The way we travel will undoubtedly change, and so will the tourism industry, but the Travel Feed team believes content has gained on value. Creators are gifted with the skills to use words, images and videos to produce virtual journeys, providing an escape for those sheltered around the world.

Therefore, presently is the best time to showcase your past travels via amazing articles that will inspire people to forget the pandemic for a while. To facilitate, you can find easy-to-use sharing tools on the left side of your posts. Use them to brighten the day of someone else.

TravelFeed Team has been busy since the independence announcement, but we keep on pushing forward to overcoming obstacles. As we deployed awesome new features, we explored the options to release our token, which is the epicenter of TravelFeed's roadmap. Since SMTs / HMTs seem like they got pushed further into the future, we've been in talks with other blockchains to evaluate the launch of a sophisticated and sustainable token.

Thank you for the continued support!

EasyAccountCreation With Facebook And Google

Past meet-ups taught us that the signup process is the hardest part of onboarding new users. Blockchain account creation involves permission keys that scare users away. To counter that, we're offering TravelFeed account creation by linking Facebook or Google accounts. It takes a second, and beginners don't even have to write down a new password. We're still aiding those who wish to publish their content to various blockchains via our new cross-posting tool. Users seeking to sign up for Hive or Steem can reach out, we'll help with the process.

The TravelFeed accounts created with Google or Facebook are fully functional and have all the following actions available: posting, commenting, smiling and bookmarking - As opposed to limited guest accounts.

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500 Steem / Hive Writing Contest

The Covid-19 writing contest by our team member @invisusmundi has been a huge success. The winners have been chosen and a new contest is on, this time it's about writing the reasons why your hometown, village or city is so unique.

Home Writing Contest

#StrandedInIndia TravelFeed 3.0 Presentation

One of our team members, @wanderein, is still stranded in India due to the shelter in place ruling and found a place to stay in a hostel with other stranded travelers in New Delhi. She received some questions about TravelFeed when people asked what she's working on and decided to give a presentation, sharing with them what TravelFeed is all about.

#StrandedInIndia TravelFeed Presentation


New Features - v3.1:

  • Instant Email sign up
  • Instant oauth sign in with Facebook/Google
  • RSS feeds
  • Ping Bing on post publish

Winners of This Week's Round-up

And with all this exciting news, we don't want to forget to highlight our three favorite TravelFeed.io posts from this week. The rewards will go to the first three places as follows: 1st place - 14 STEEM, 2nd place - 7 STEEM and 3rd place - 3 STEEM.

The thumbnails are directly linked to the original posts. Please, click on the image and enjoy the read!

Place 1
A City Oasis; Adelaide Botanic Park and Gardens written by @minismallholding
The Botanic Park is an expanse of lawn encircled (or should that be entriangled?) By Plane Tree Drive, named for the plane trees which edge the park. It's a great opportunity for picnics and games which require plenty of space and the varied trees dotted throughout this arboretum offer shade from the summer sun.

Place 2
5 places to visit in the Norman countryside written by @haydae
Allowing some time to explore the Norman countryside is all about discovering the romantic ruins of an ancient abbey in the morning and a village with timber-framed houses in the afternoon. It is about medieval fortresses overlooking the River Seine and gracious Baroque castles lost in the country as much as it is about wandering on a pebble beach surrounded by limestone cliffs.

Place 3
High at Himalaya: Hash me, I'm hiking written by @koenau
Hashish and marijuana are almost commonplace between Kathmandu and the border to India, with Hinduism playing a role. This religion is known to be quite strange with the sadhus and everything and it cultivates a relaxed approach to cannabis.

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We’re in Beta and continuously improve TravelFeed, meaning that there are still some bugs. If you notice anything or have feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Discord, leave a comment or open a bug report on Github!

Consider Delegating To Us

Once we launch our token, there will be a generous airdrop to delegators. Your delegation does not only supports the growth of this incredible project, but also helps the entire travel community. Our voting power is fully used for curation of the best TravelFeed posts. Feel free to use the following links according to the amount you would like to delegate to @travelfeed, or head to our Support Us page to delegate a custom amount with the click of a button.

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I think it is an excellent idea @TravelFeed to incorporate your own token. That will give more added value to the Travel Feed community.

In regards to new registrants using Google or Facebook, I think it is a very good system. And I practice.

It would also be an important tool that we who are already registered in the platform can use to add new "travelers".

The problem lies in the characteristics that Hive and Steem have to enroll. Steem remains the same, you have to wait a few days or pay and receive the registration immediately. Hive has also incorporated various registration systems, free and paid.

Finally, also to promote it, how does the offer of 500 Steem work?


Hi, @travelfeed,

This post has been voted on by the @ecosynthesizer curation team.

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Interested in supporting our project?
Please consider voting for our Witness, @symbionts, or delegating SP to the @ecosynthesizer.
Click here if you want to know more about the project, and feel free to join our Discord server.

This is so cool! I've just returned to Steemit after being pretty inactive for over a year. This looks like a great way to get back into the travel community here, and I'm totally in! Gonna get signed up and look into delegating some SP. Cheers!

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