Sedlec Ossuary

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Sedlec Ossuary

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Sedlec Ossuary AKA Bone Church or Church of Bones

Hi Steemers!! This roman catholic church seems at home in the picturesque countryside. From the outside it looks like an ordinary chapel.

Although when you walk inside it is anything but! More than 40,000 human bones decorate the inside of this old gothic church.

The idea seems kind of creepy but is actually quite beautiful. You get a peaceful feeling while inside.

All the bones are arranged so artfully and artistically you forget that it's so macrabe.

The way they have decorated the church is as interesting as it is unique! No corner is left untouched from a bony piece of art.

The most impressive piece is def the massive chandelier that hangs from the centre of the ceiling! It is said to contain at least one of every bone from the human skeleton.


Along with the chandelier you will find candle holders, chalices and candelbras. Another epic piece is this coat of arms (literally!)

Schwarzenberg family crest

It's worth noting that all the bones here, are from people who wished to be buried in a holy place.

So I'm sure they would be happy to know their final resting place is inside a church!

Fun fact-

Horror movie buffs might recognise the similarities between the Sedlec Ossuary and Dr Satan's Lair.. Well that's because the Ossuary was the inspiration behind it!

Clip from Rob Zombie’s ”House of 1000 corpses”

Where is the Sedlec Ossuary 

Located in Sedlec, a suburb of the quaint Kutna Hora, in the Central Bohemia of Czech Republic. Which is just over an hour's drive from Prague.


When taking public transport the train is your quickest option. From central Prague you catch a train to Kutna Hora. Then either transfer to a local train or walk about 1km.

There is plenty more to see and do in Kutna Hora

Old silver mines lay beneath Kutna Hora earning it the attribute of "national treasure." This "city of silver" has been on the UNESCO world heritage list since 1995.

Gothic Stone Fountain

So take a stroll through the city centre, visit a winery or one of these other iconic places -

Saint Barbara’s Cathedral

Saint Barbara's Cathedral, where you will see gothic architecture at its best.

Italian Court

While the Italian Court delves into the cities coin minting past.

Believe it or not..

Bone Churches and Ossuaries are quite a common thing in Europe. Other notable places are -

- Catacombs of Paris

- Skull Chapel, Poland

- Wamba Ossuary, Spain

- Hallstatt Karner, Austria

- Capuchin Crypts, Italy

Catacombs of Paris

So if you're a bit of a ghoul, anthropologist or just like skulls, I def recommend checking out the Sedlec Ossuary 💀☠💀!!!

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I feel like if they were murdered to decorate the place, it'd be horrendous; I'd almost hope somebody would have burned it down hundreds of years ago.
But if they died of natural causes, and this is what they wanted; then it's actually pretty awesome. Every single one of those bleached, white skulls had a million thoughts run through it until suddenly they didn't.
Now there they sit. Whatever impact they could have had on the world, they either achieved it or didn't. It wouldn't have all been positive.
There'd be rapists, slave owners, murderers. Bad people die too.
They can't do good any more, they can't do bad any more. They were people; now they're stuff.

Oh gosh if people were mudered just to decorate the place that would be terrible!.. although in our world it wouldn't actually be hard to believe. I liked the fact that the people's bones are there cos they wanted them to be. Much better than the catacombs of Paris.. where all the bones are there cos of the plague and there was no room in cemeteries! Still very interesting though. I don't know why I'm drawn to places like this haha. But you raise a good point.. no way of knowing if they were good or bad people, all just a bunch of artfully arranged bones now. Almost kinda hard to believe they belonged to real human beings at one point....

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Omg! That is so creepy!! I honestly can't imagine it being peaceful inside, I'll probably be worried the bones drop on me as I'm walking around inside. Luckily that won't happen reading this posts 😅

@tipu curate

Haha yes it was surprising how peaceful it was!

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Kutna Hora is indeed a fascinating place and a beautiful town. I have been there some years ago and I think I have to go there again, it is just 3 hours from my hometown.

It sure is beautiful! You def should go visit again, esp since it's so close 😊

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Woah! That's brutal! And now definitely on my "travel-to-before-I-die" list. :D
Wonder if any metal band has shot a music video or had a photoshoot in there or a similar landmark full of bones...

It would be such a great place for a metal band shoot!! Guess thats why Rob Zomnie used it for inspiration for Dr Satan's Lair 🤘😜😁!!! Def a cool place to check out when you can 😊