Thai "underwater" Temple and the Mon Village

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How could a Thai Temple be underwater?

  • The underwater temple is the old temple of Luang Pho Uthama before the river Wirachong Dam was built. And during the flooding season it literally disappears underwater. Facing this issue, they rebuilt the temple at the current place and use the name of Wat Wang Wiwekaram.

  • During the dry season, the Temple is fully exposed and can be visited by boat. It has stood the test of time and water. Built in 1953 it is on land surrounded by rivers. A dam that was built raises the waters and floods the area. Travel in the time of March-April may give you the best time to see the "underwater temple".

My family and I visited this temple and the "new temple" and learned more about the Mon people in the area.
The structure still looks sound after all these years.

The new temple is of course very ornate and quite beautiful.
The large bridge represents the divide between the Thai side and the Mon side. The bridge to get to the new temple is not any bridge but I believe it to be the largest bamboo bridge in the world.
The bridge connects to the Mon Village.
In Sangkhlaburi, is where the Mon people live. The villagers are extremely nice. You can see the way of life for the villagers. They have many products to buy and their food is quite good and not expensive.
We posed for photos on the bridge. I give the money 20bath to the kids.
The Mon villagers were very kind to us.
They had goods to sell and they love having tourists come see the way they live and their customs.

This a beautiful small village to visit. What stood out for me and my family was the hospitality and appreciation that the villagers had for our visit to their small city. The Thai traditions for food given to the monks was a gesture that made me feel at home.

Of course there was time to cool off in the waters. I am thankful for the time spent with my family here. It's the small villages in Thailand that are wonderful. The traditions and how they live life with dignity and appreciation is something we can all carry forward.

Thank you for reading.

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