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You know how they say: there is no place like home. Most travelers, including myself, often forget that. We constantly praise the magnificence of far-away lands, go to the other side of the globe in search of ancient wisdom and meaning of life. We look for the plains if we were born in the mountains and look for the mountains if we grew up in the plains. The truth is that every single settlement on planet Earth has stories untold and secret places that are known only by the locals. The time has come to show some respect to your hometown. To finally tell the world about it.



  1. Write an article about your hometown, village or the city you were born or the one you live in now.
    Keep it simple but informative. You can write about the best places to visit, secret gems known only by the locals, interesting facts about its history, culture, accent specific to that region only, funny stories, your personal recollections, etc. Tell the world what makes your hometown unique. Actually, you can write whatever you want. Improvise. If you decide to boost your article by adding some info or pictures from external sources, don't forget to do proper sourcing! A Youtube video might be a great addition too.
  2. Share your post on Twitter using hashtag #[your hometown] plus your personal comment and tag @travelfeedio.
  3. Post the link of your article and the link of your tweet in the comment section under this announcement. Both the article and the comment must be posted using
  4. [Optional] Consider following travelfeedio and invisusmundi on Twitter.


The article must be posted using!

  • Both the article and the comment must be posted using!

  • At least 450 words in English;

  • No copyright violations;

  • Proper sourcing if you are using any media that is not your own;

  • The featured image must be of your own!

  • Recommended title format: "What makes [location] unique: [your text here]"

  • Add the link to this announcement at the end of your post.

  • Only 1 article may participate in the contest. This time TOP authors will get a huge boost in rewards! Quality is everything!



  • The Total Prize Pool for this contest will be 500 HIVE or! 500 STEEM! On the last day of the contest, the cryptocurrency of a higher USD value will be chosen. After receiving their rewards contest participants will be free to choose what to do with their winnings.

  • The prize pool will be divided among all authors on the 13th of May. How much they get will depend on the quality of their articles. Keep in mind that best pieces will be also upvoted by the @travelfeed curation team and pushed to the Trending page.

  • If I see you put all your heart and soul I may also reward your work by some spontaneous crypto transfers. It will be a bonus to the main prize pool. Things to consider: telling an interesting story rather than describing photos, image quality, simple nice-looking formatting without unnecessary modifications.



The success of the previous contest was incredible. We have never had so many participants before. The hard part was splitting the 500 STEEM prize pool. It is important to mention that a few articles got instant 5 STEEM rewards, but were not eligible for the main prize. Mostly because their entries did not meet all the rules. 500 STEEM pool was distributed between 30 authors. Some of them wrote multiple articles.

I chose the most simple reward distribution method possible. Every article that met all the criteria got from 6 to 10 points. To support quality over quantity 3 best authors were given +20 points each. The total number of points happened to be 338. It means that 1 point = 1.479 STEEM. For example, if the author got 8 points, he/she received 8*1.479=11.834 STEEM. Congratulations to TOP3 authors: @julianhorack (57.70 STEEM), @gabrielatravels (44.38 STEEM), and @conradt (44.38 STEEM).

@koenau (42.89 STEEM) and @irisworld (34,02 STEEM) got more than 10 points for writing multiple articles. This time only 1 article per author may participate in the contest. Make sure you do your best! Other participants who received rewards from the main prize pool were @junebride, @elsiekjay, @seadbeady, @brittandjosie, @yahialababidi, @gooze, @chekohler, @claudio83, @tjasa, @karinxxl, @sanjeevm, @rokhani, @erikah, @travelfury, @mustavi, @alfredmusic, @olivia08, @oivas, @cherylsonty, @jerome256, @hafizullah, @jager567, @sampraise, @dexpartacus.



Value-adding is the main thing to consider when writing a post for your travel blog. Imagine you are a reader who found your article on the search engine. Is it informative? Is it interesting to read? However, all these things won't matter if the first impression is bad and the reader leaves your page after 3 seconds. I will share 3 great tools to enhance your blog post!

  • Grammarly - this tool will correct most of your grammar mistakes. They offer a free to download Desktop app but for authors, I highly recommend downloading their Chrome/Brave extension. You may also want to watch the Beginner guide.

  • Hemingway Editor - another powerful tool to enhance your writing. I'm not a native English speaker myself. My sentences are usually long and hard to read. If you use passive voice too often or your text has too many adverbs, Hemingway Editor will help you to fix this. Hemingway Editor app review.

  • - online tool for picture editing. Imagine you took a picture of a beautiful castle and later noticed that the dirty rubbish bin on the corner of the photo ruins the overall picture. In this case please consider trimming it with Canva. Also, if you take pictures with different cameras and their height to width ratios are different, this case Canva may be useful too.

Please remember, that adding 3 good quality pictures to your article is x9 times better than adding 15 average ones. Don't use fancy fonts as they may look nice, but they also make your text super difficult to read. Always consider adding one or two links to other posts of the same topic. Youtube videos may be a good addition too. Especially if they are yours.

May the Games Begin!
Tautvydas! (Tot)

P. S. If you have questions or need some advice, text me on Twitter.

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Is this still open? Can I write about my hometown?

As always, great initiatives with huge rewards! Bring it on Travelers!

I am looking forward to writing about my hometown myself!
Since it's located 200km away, I still need to go there and take some pictures. :)

@invisusmundi Another great contest to write, enjoy and win!

In a time of pandemic and being locked up at home, let's take the opportunity to write, enjoy and win remembering pleasant moments from our childhood and adolescence.

My contribution:



What an amazing place to be a child... Or to raise one... Thank you for sharing Hugo! :)

Hello! Congratulations to all the winners! Excellent! I will participate, I have a question why I was not integrated among the participants?@invisusmundi


Hi @dael28,
I've checked and I think I know what is the reason. You posted your links under the secondary announcement (not the main one). As you can see in the picture above, there was a link on the word "THIS". It was supposed to take you to the main announcement. I understand why it might have been confusing. :) Thank you for a great post! I just sent 5 STEEM to your wallet.

I would like to invite you to participate in the new contest. Keep in mind that you MUST post your links in the comment section using

Hi, @invisusmundi,

This post has been voted on by the @ecosynthesizer curation team.

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Interested in supporting our project?
Please consider voting for our Witness, @symbionts, or delegating SP to the @ecosynthesizer.
Click here if you want to know more about the project, and feel free to join our Discord server.

Thank you peeps!
You are welcome to join the contest too. :)

Hi Tot. Could you explain to newbs what "both the article and the comment must be posted using" means?
Do we join and write the article in there? So, we shouldn't write it in here?

write your article using
If you don't have account yet,
you can create one quickly and easily over here.
Then go to the settings and connect your steem account.
Once you do that, you can choose to crosspost your articles on steem automatically. :)

Done ~

Thank you @testarasta, :)

By the way, please always add links to contest sources if you use some pictures or text that is not yours. Even if you translate something from Spanish.

Have a nice day! :)


Well, I like the previous contest a lot and although between a little late I am happy to have been among the winners, good that you decided to only take into account one post per author, I think it is better for authors to create a higher quality post. .. Thank you very much for the rewards and congratulations to the main Winners. God bless.

This sounds like a fun writing challenge!
Here is my entry:

Looking forward to reading the stories from others as well.

Thank you very much for doing this and for the support!

Are you going to join the contest and write about your hometown? :)

I guess I'm going to sit this one out and join the next one if I can 😊

@invisusmundi: Can I post this week to enter the competition?

Yes, sure. You are welcome! :D

Oh wait, it is over! well, I'll try the next one if you are conducting.

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