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Power up is very much essential to us all if we are looking forward to stay in this platform for a long period of time. The only way to be self sustained is to power up Steem every once in a while. If we can power up some portion of our reward regularly or in a weekly basis then our power will increase in a really high pace. So, what we can do is to Power up weekly and make this powering up a habit for every week. If we can do so, our steem power will grow in a speed we can't even imagine. The Power Up contest has been created to help you all in your power up journey. In this contest you have to set a goal for the upcoming April 2023 and do power ups every week to reach that goal.

The third week of the Power Up Contest Season 6 is over with. And we have almost 14 more weeks to reach our desired target Sp. Hopefully everyone will keep up their pace and will reach their target amount of steem power in time.

The participants of the Power Up Contest Season 6, week 3 are...

Sr.UsernamePost LinkPower Up Amount%
01@saravanannhttps://steemit.com/hive-183397/@saravanann/49rfkg-my-weekly-steem-power-up-powering-up-10-steems-or-or-target-2500-sp10 Steem0.49%
02@arsalaanhttps://steemit.com/hive-183397/@arsalaan/my-weekly-steem-power-up-or-powering-up-11-steem-or-target-5000-sp-or-10-to-tron-fan-club11 Steem0.28%
03@shravanahttps://steemit.com/hive-183397/@shravana/my-weekly-steem-power-up-powering-up-12-steem-or-or-target-3000-sp12 Steem0.48%

The largest amount of Steem was powered up during the first week of the contest by @shravana= 12 Steem. Congrats for being the weekly winner [Week-03] of the power up contest season 6.

For any updates or confusions regarding the Power up Contest or any other issues, please reach out to us in the Discord server of Tron Fan Club. And those who have not been included in today's weekly result, please check that whether you are following all the contest rules or not. Even a single violation will cast you out and make your weekly participation invalid. So follow all the rules and take part in the Power Up Contest.


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This is so good to see the result of power up.
There are all the people who powered up. Thanks for sharing this.

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