My Weekly Steem Power UP | Powering UP 11 Steem | Target 5000 SP | 10% To @tron-fan-club

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Hello Everyone. I hope all of you are well. Today, I'm going to participate in Steem Power Up campaign for another week.

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I have achieved my goal of reaching 3500 SP by August 2023. My next target is reaching 5000 SP by December 2023. It will be a daunting task as there is only 3 months left. However, I'm trying my best to fulfill my goal. I hope I will have 5000 SP before the new year.

Before powering up, my total SP was 3823.483. I've powered up total of 11 SP today. After powering up, my total SP has reached to 3834.483. So, let's proceed with step by step process.

Step 1

After logging into my wallet, you can see my previous Steem Power amount & current liquid steem in my wallet.


Step 2

In this step, from liquid steem section, I clicked power up.


Step 3

Here, I'm powering up total of 11 SP and confirming my transaction.


Step 4

My Steem Power up of this week is successfully completed. Now you can see my updated amount of Staked steem in the wallet.


Previous SPCurrent SP

This is how I have powered up my steem in this week. I understand the importance of powering up and keeping steem staked very well. That is why I will keep powering up in future too. I'm seeking your assistance and support to reach my goal.

VOTE @bangla.witness as witness



SET @rme as your proxy


Thank You


This is so awesome to see your power up . keep going. You will reach your goal soon.

Thank you for your well-wish. Best of luck to you too, for your blogging journey here.

 2 months ago 

Account: @arsalaan

Power increased by: 0.28% [week 03]

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