Home Work Task on Tron Blockchain Tutorials (11-15) || TRON Energy and Bandwidth

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In Tron Fan Club community, I'm constantly trying to write on Tron & Blockchain so that newbies can get a good idea about Tron and Blockchain from very beginning. Some general users may miss some of my posts due to their personal reason. So, I am organizing examination system like home work on some of my posts. For participating in the home work, newbies will have to read all the posts and, in that way, they will be educated on Tron and blockchain, I hope. It is not a conventional test like other tests. Its open for everyone. Anyone can take the test at will and there are no hard and fast rules for the test.

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You have to study following five tutorial posts first

What is TRON POWER, Bandwidth and Energy

How to gain Tron Power, Bandwidth and Energy

Some Calculations Related to Bandwidth and Energy)

Example of Sending TRX without fee

Example of Sending USDT with less fee


In this part of the homework most important topic on Tron blockchain you have to study and share your experience. In case of transferring 12 cans or we drink from any exchange site, the gas fee is a very crucial thing which we need to consider in our mind always. But here in the blockchain we have some special features where by holding or taking our trx we can easily reduce the fee of transfer that is the cool thing on this drone blockchain.

So I hope and believe that by going through the tutorials I have shared on these topics and participating in the homework you will have the knowledge on the reduction of P on Tron blockchain. After that you will be able to transfer with a very few or marginal fee for transferring some native tokens on this blockchain.

Participation in homework is really important to our members because we try to focus on those users who are participating in the homework tasks. By participating they can reach their knowledge and get a clear concept on any topic. That's why I am consistently making tutorials for my general members so that they can have good ideas by going through my tutorials. So I would like to welcome all of my members in this community to participate in my homework class so that they can have some clear ideas and knowledge on the basic issues of tron blockchain and I hope you will have so.

This home work task is very important for tron lovers. I would like welcome moderators @labib2000 @sagor1233 @veigo to participate in the home work task this week.

Read the above-mentioned posts carefully. After reading these five tutorials well, you have to answer the questions mentioned below-

Answer the following questions:

  1. What do you know about TronPower, Bandwidth and Energy?
    [Maximum 30 words for each parts. So at best 90 words for this answer][Marks 5]

  2. Show us the process of gaining Tron Power and Energy.
    [Maximum 40 Words and maximum 3 screenhots][Marks 5]

  3. What are the factors on which the gaining of Bandwidth and Energy depends on?
    [Max 40 Words][Marks 5]

  4. Show us any amount of trx transfer without fee.
    [Maximum 3 screenshots and maximum 40 words][Marks 5]

  5. Gain some energy first then show us any amount of USDT or BTT or NFT transfer on Tron network by using energy to reduce fee and compare the difference of fee with and without energy use.
    [Maximum 3 screenshots and maximum 40 words][Marks 10]

Your post will be evaluated on 30 marks


31th May, 2022 GMT


  1. See the word limit of every question very carefully. And write your answer within the number of words and screenshot mentioned in the questions.
  2. Use #tfc-homework and #home-work03 tags in first two tags
  3. Title Must be: Home Work Task on Bandwidth & Energy in Tron Fan Club || (Your own writing)
  4. You must share the link of your post in the comment of this post.




I hope, by participating in this home work task you will able improve your knowledge on mentioned topic. Patcipate by following rules and guidelines. Happy exam and Best of Luck.

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Below is my entry for your Homework Task. I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for this valuable homework.


like previous homework task I will participate in this.

 2 years ago 

Well wish for you in advance

 2 years ago 

Very interesting homework task. Users who take part in this homework task will be able to learn everything perfectly and use Tron properly.


Finally an homework task after a long break, I'll be taking part and submitting my task very soon

 2 years ago 

Yeah waiting for your participation

Wow I really love this and I for one will surely do my utmost to take part in this homework, I do love the blockchain 🙂

A wonderful task with will enlighten most of us more on the wonderful features of the Tron blockchain.

Thank you for this.

After a long time you came with us today with Home Work Task, it feels very good. Inshallah I will definitely participate

 2 years ago 

Best of luck in advance for you

Hi MOD @engrsayful
Please, I am a newbie. I’ve not make any introduction post here.
Sir, Can I participate in the homework?
Or should I make an introduction post before qualifying.

 2 years ago 

Yes, You can participate in this homework task. This homework task open for steemit community.

MOD @engrsayful
Please, tag the link to introduction post requirements if there is any.

I want to learn more about Tron because I’ve not use it since I started receiving it.
Thank you sir

 2 years ago 

Just go through the rules & regulations post and then work in this community. Thanks and best of luck for you.

Thank you very much sir

 2 years ago 

You don't need to make introduction post here. Just check the pinned posts in the community to know about the rules of the community. You can obviously participate.

Another opportunity to learn has present it self I will surly participate. My entry coming soon

Thank you very much for providing the next Homework Task. I was really waiting for this. I will definitely participate in this homework Task.

 2 years ago 

Best of luck bro

Thank you very much for your valuable comment here. I always try my best. I hope I could do something better in this task.

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