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When I look at our community, I see over 1000 members. Even if some of them are no longer active here, there should be still many left who could vote here.

Even if the SP of many is still low and an upvote has little or no effect, it is still a psychologically positive signal for the content author to get an upvote.

What is the point of a community if most of the members are not active?

Many posts don't even get 50 upvotes. This is very little compared to the number of members in this community.

Most of the members stop by for a moment, publish their posts and have disappeared again. Everyone could give 1-2 upvotes for others and only then disappear into the gray of the day.

Everyone started and I know how demotivating it can be if you don't get any feedback. The smallest possible feedback is an upvote. Even if it has no value, it is still a signal of acceptance.

So please, don't be so frugal with upvoting other postings. It's about the principle of a community and here the Steem power basically plays a secondary role.
Yes, it's nice to get high upvotes, but it's also good to get feedback, even from small accounts 😊.

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Many beautiful posts.I also sometimes think that there are over one thousand members in this community.But the number of activities is much less.I think everyone should read this post.And everyone should vote and comment on all the posts.Thanks @seo-boss for the beautiful post.

@seo-boss ,i respect you alot , bcoz i love art and artist. if you dont mind may i give you a suggestion ... to engage your members in community .. becouse its not only about art but your members can get engaged and also get appreciation upvotes and comments , members in other communities are also making diary posts and getting attention and appreciation , the community i love and i care for it is Art community ,

i invite you to join The Diary Game .you can make a post and announce that your members can take part in the diary game and Share their art works with daily activities.
for more details follow @steemitblog and #thediarygame season 2 full and final rules here

#thediarygame is a hashtag instead of a community? Correct? Or which community is managing this?

This is a huge contest the 1000 days of steem .. it is powered by steemitblog . not a single community managing it .. so you can also allow your members to take part in this i shared the link in my previous comment .you can read it then you will understand properly . all posts of the diary game curated by @steemcurator01

done :-).

We definitely need to be generous and engage and upvote as well as post. I am back on Steemit after a few years and it's like I'm totally new and really struggling to get anywhere at all. I've been disheartened a bit but I will keep trying. So yes, lets create good karma. We must give and receive and help each other along.

Art brings people together. It is the purest forms of reflection and unity!

maybe reviews will help.
I can search here. Everyday. What am I looking for? Artifacts that interest only me. But ... I can explain why my findings are interesting. Why is it worth paying attention to some work.

Maybe it won't help others peoples to show interest. But the artists will like my review.
What do you think? Will this activity be useful to the community?
If I include in my review other people's work published in this community, and give links to the author and his publication. Will it break your rules?
You understand?

 7 months ago 

I'll definitely start engaging more.

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Chill out...

So relieved to see somebody has the same opinion. I was starting to think it was only in my head that there's a lot of inactivity here. Thank you for putting this into words!

 7 months ago 

yo me acabo de unir a esta comunidad y realmente espero que todos sean amables y activos con los demás ya que algunos resultan ser muy tóxicos.

 7 months ago 

My regards, brother. Good reflection of your message. It is a question that I have been asking myself since I was part of Steemit in 2018. Apparently many users and when it comes to having their support in vote and comment, it seems that we are fading into the gray of the day. Sometimes it is disappointing when you only get up to 3 votes from a community as you say, it exceeds 1000 users. We must start to develop a culture of commenting on user posts. Well your reflection.

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