Abstract Art : Breaking Limitations

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Hello Everyone,
Todays abstract art is based on : Breaking Limitations

Todays quote:
If you see that people are the way they are because of their limitations, you will strive to help them break their limitations, rather than judge them. - Sadhguru

Breaking Limitations.jpg

To access my previous art work :

Hope you guys enjoy this abstract art series. Let me know your comments.

---...___ Have a Nice Day ___...---


Beautiful and creative.
It looks like a being trying to form itself.

True @crymi.
Thanks for your support.

The longer I watch the more I see or I should say: Suddenly I see something different. I love it. 🍀❤️


Thanks for your support.
Let me know what i can do for you.

Stay in touch that would be nice. 🍀

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