Abstract Art : CoRoNa

in #art6 months ago

Well today's abstract art is on hot topic : CoRoNa

Here is my work :
One aspect of this work represent the: expansion
Other part is the: Effect on the planet


Hope you guys like it. Let me know your comments.

---...___ Have a Nice Day ___...---


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It is very colourful. Perhaps it is what those with fever and a headache see? The effect on the planet I don't see yet except if red stands for agression (due to restrictions and the chance of a civil war) or the garbage all those pharmaceutical companies make and leave behind on the planet.

Yes, at a same time air and trees feeling quite well than before due to less pollution. :)

To be honest I can't tell any difference. I live on the country and the nearest "neighbour" is far away and so is the nearest village.

I read tests done in bigger cities and the pollution increased during the lockfown (people should stop consuming and breathing) and the pollution increased inside the homes to a dangerous level.