Holiday Season is Getting Closer — Working to SELL Some Work! #Club5050

Next week is Thanksgiving here in the USA, and that also means that we are getting into the "selling season" for all kinds of things, including art and other creative handmade things.

Detail from a very large stone

Because we have no Arts and Crafts Holiday Shows to go to — they were all canceled due to Covid-related "assembly restrictions" — I am more dependent than ever on online sales for the holidays.

It's worrisome, because I have traditionally not sold that well online. The stones really present best in person.

A matched set of 7 small stones painted in the colors corresponding to the 7 primary Chakras

Meanwhile, I have an ever-increasing "stock" of finished work because I have been painting stones for most of the year, but haven't really had very many sales outlets.

But still, must move forward!

Trying to get into more social media promotion... which I am not really all that good at, but it has to be done.

Vibrant purple!

Good news this year is that I can't use the "I just don't have TIME!" excuse, because I am not frantically creating more work; I already have more than plenty available!

Good success to all of us, this Holiday Season!

Thanks for stopping by and having a look!

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I am likely to power up a little over 50% and put a little less than 50% into my Steem Savings.

Here's what I did with the post before this one:

Proof of power-up

Putting this here because I haven't posted much recently, but you have to start somewhere!

Thank you for supporting independent art!

Because I am trying to make some semblance of income — a living, even — I now add this footer to all my posts, in the hope that someone, somewhere, might decide to take a further look at my work, and perhaps consider supporting independent art.

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