A Return to Posting, After a Very Long Absence! #Club5050

Hard to believe that March is almost over, and Spring is here!

Even harder to believe (at least for ME) that it has been since last year that I haven't posted anything!

It has been more than 10 years since I started painting on stones!

Back Towards Simplicity

In the early days — when painting mandalas on stones was considered "strange and unique" — I worked with fairly simple ideas, and often very simple colors; sometimes just black-and-white like the stone above.

As I wake up from my winter slumber this spring, I'm thinking of going back to some of the simpler designs from my earlier days.

Another "oldie"

The nice things about these simpler designs is that they don't take nearly as long to make, as a result of which I can also sell them for much less... as a result of which they are easier to sell as a "fun creative impulse item" than most of the pieces I have been painting over the recent years.

Anyway, I'm thinking I might use the blog as a bit of a "sketchpad" and "idea notes" place.

Steemit Community Spirit: Supporting #Club5050!

When this post pays out, I promise to convert AT LEAST 50% of the liquid SBD rewards will to Steem and power it up!

Actually, I am likely to power up a little over 50%, and put a little less than 50% into my Steem Savings.

Thanks for coming by and having a look!

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