Introducing Membership Levels System of Steem Infinity Zone

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Steem Infinity Zone community is a community that is formed with the vision "To Educate and Empower People on Steemit without Limits". Now there will be a new labeling system SIZ is announcing that is SP level system of members. We are doing this to have clear view of our members steem power levels which will indicate their seriousness towards building their SP.


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The main reason for promoting this labeling system at the SP level is to encourage the members to power up and invest in steem. In this way, the steem ecosystem will become stronger as well as their own account.

Our more concentration will be towards those members who are continuously powering up, participating in #spud4steem, and encouraging others to do so and have the maximum level .

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Membership Levels Label

We will be giving membership labels at 3 levels according to below mentioned criteria.

SP Level 1Steem Power 100-500
SP Level 2Steem Power 500-1999
SP Level 3Steem Power 2000 and above

You will not get any membership label if you have not even powered up and have steem power less than 100 SP. So power up and increase your level and delegate us and get better chance of getting voting support and get a 200% curation reward.

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This label only applies to members who have a commitment to power up and if a person is powering down then the label would be removed to null. Steem infinity zone's official account siz-official has itself powered up 11,429.165 STEEM and have 13,165.56 SP.

We are inviting you to power up and delegate us and get 200% curation rewards. It's the highest curation reward a community is giving to its delegators in the entire steemit platform.

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Delegate to @siz-official and Receive up to 200% Curation Rewards

Quick Delegation to SIZ
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

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Let’s add value to make A Better Steem Ecosystem for everyone

Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @vvarishayy | @suboohi | @arie.steem | @qasimwaqar


Click Here to Join Official SIZ Discord Channel

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 3 months ago 

Delegation to SIZ should be your priority. If you show commitment to SIZ then we will also take care for your posts.

 3 months ago 

This is a great initiative, it will surely encouraged members of the community to Power up and become stronger. Please @cryptokraze you gave me SP level 1 tag but I suppose to be at 2 because have powered up more than 1k Steems. this is my status using steemworld showing that I've powered up more than 1k Steems

And please I just increase my delegation now from 50Sp to 100Sp here is the screenshot proof 👇


Thank you!

 3 months ago 

Your right in this way show seriousness to siz community and get more power up and makes ecosystem strong.
Good step towards success

 3 months ago 

This is great initiative, and it will be helpful in making this community strong, we will powerup, and will grow more sir,you always bring good initiative.

 3 months ago 

Make strong your community siz- official take very great initiative I,m start this community I ,m definitely try to power up my account grow more this community. Do our best .

 3 months ago 

This is very good step indeed for our community now I think everyone will warmly partcipate in this event and everyone will try to increase so and as well as delegate.Powerup will always have good influence on our community ecosystem as well.I will do power up in future INSHALLAH as well.

 3 months ago 

This is really a very good initiative and I am happy that I am from the lucky one's who got the label of power up level 1. Thank you for label and I will try to participate in next #Spud4steem. I will try to do more powerup and increase my power up level as well as increase delegation to community.

 3 months ago 

This is a good decision taken by siz community, to power up the account gives benefits to users, as well as to the steemit ecosystem.

 3 months ago 

Very good step for the perspective of siz because now it's turn for all the members to get membership label and increase sp.and also shows my commitment to my community soon I will take part to get label soon.

 3 months ago 

Thanks u so much @siz-official for guidance us about Levels because I want to ask you about levels.It's great motivation for us to powering up our steems .I Will power up soon for getting level 1.

 3 months ago 

Great initiative to strong members as well as community. Powerup always makes stronger a user and their Deligations make community stronger

 3 months ago 

Wow it is very good initiative for everyone.
With the help of member ship level every one now about the an other steem power.
I really like your ideas and your community rules and regulations.
I will try to my best and best.
And i will try to power up my account with my steems which i have in my wallet.
Thank you so much SIZ for making this wonderful initiative for our community.

 3 months ago 

Its good to see new lable with our names , IA we will delegate more . It shows our commitment towards our community

 3 months ago 

This is a very good initiative that will help in the community development. I will continue to build up my SP by powering up.

It's very good initiative , and very helpful for our community to make it more strong.
we will powerup INSHALLAH .
Thank you @siz-official for this great intiative.

This is a very good step in developing the community.It will help the users also.Thanks @siz-official for taking this initiative.

I request the SIZ community to give me an appropriate label if I am eligible for it.

 2 months ago (edited)

I hope I get labelled soon

 2 months ago 

Steem greetings @cryptokraze, please how do I get label as a membership to steem infinity zone? Because I want to delegate my 50SP in this Community

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