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Greetings to Everyone!!

Steem Infinity Zone was established about 6 months ago with the vision to educate and empower people on steemit. We are extremely happy and proud to reach among the Top communities in short span of time and greatly thankful to our loyal and active members who played vital role in making SIZ an active community. At the same time, we are much thankful to steemit team for recognizing and support our community.


We must say that it was not an easy journey and it took time, efforts and dedication from many members, specially the SIZ Staff. We are lucky to have few of the great people in our Staff Team who have given their heart and soul to make this community better and improved. We have been providing little rewards to the moderators but it is the time to make it official and appreciate their efforts by providing SIZ Staff with Salaries.


Special Mention to SIZ Staff

We would like to mention @vvarishayy who joined as 1st and only moderator of SIZ and made great contributions to make sure that community get a good start. Then @suboohi joined SIZ as 2nd moderator and has made great contributions without any demand, specially towards community contests management and engagement handling.

In last month, we have two new people joined in SIZ Staff @ashkhan and @faran-nabeel who got these spots through their active contribution and dedication towards community. They are doing great work and proved their worth to be among SIZ Staff.


SIZ Moderators Salaries Payout Structure

We have decided to appreciate the hardwork of SIZ Moderators by providing them monthly salaries. The following payout structure will be followed to pay the salaries and it is formed according to the tasks being performed by the moderators. The salaries will be transferred to Moderators wallets on 15th of every month from Official Community Account.

Staff MemberRankMonthly Salary
@vvarishayySenior Support Staff100 Steem
@suboohiSenior Support Staff100 Steem
@ashkhanJunior Support Staff50 Steem
@faran-nabeelJunior Support Staff50 Steem

These salary payout structure is not fixed and can vary according to support received to community and steem price fluctuation. We will try our best to provide these salaries to the staff members every month


Steem Infinity Zone has always been trying to make a better steem ecosystem as we have done through our various projects. We hope that Steemit team will appreciate this initiative of formalizing the payout structure of Staff salaries as this will make SIZ even more professional community.


You can delegate your SP to @siz-official and take benefit of our Delegation Rewards Offer of getting up to 200% Curation Rewards

You can also use these quick delegation links. Just click on the desired amount of SP you want to delegate and it will be done in process of 1 minute.

Quick Delegation to SIZ
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

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Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @vvarishayy | @suboohi | @ashkhan | @faran-nabeel

CC: @steemcurator01


Click Here to Join Official SIZ Discord Channel

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Thank You @vvarishayy @suboohi @ashkhan @faran-nabeel for your efforts and contributions to the community.

Highly Appreciated

 last year 

Thank you for the appreciation. Time passed so quickly. We will grow more and become self sufficient soon insha'Allah. Lots of prayers from my side. Thank you for the salary, I'm pleased to hear that. Indeed @cryptokraze you did a lot of hard work with dedication and the support we have achieved couldn't possible without the your initiatives and positivity. I'm learning a lot of new things from you and would love to continue the work.

 last year 
Thank you so much for your appreciation. I am grateful to you that you give me a chance to show my skills as a moderator. Thank you for salary too and I will learned a lot of things from your and other team members. It's an honor for me that you selected me for salary. I will try to do my best for this community. Keep steeming keep growing.
 last year 

It is an honor for me to work with a dedicated and helpful admin @cryptokraze. I have learned many things under your supervision. I'm very thankful for your appreciation and the amount of steem that you have awarded to mods on the behalf of their contributions to the community.

 last year 
Thank you so much SIZ and specially the owner of this community our leader is @cryptokraze for your appreciation to all your team members. And i wanna say congratulations to my senior MOD @vvarishayy and @suboohi who created a good effort for our community. And i am also appreciate both works. Again thank you for your great appreciations and your trust your team❤ My best wishes for our community.



It's great to know that the mods are getting salaries for the hard work they are doing in the community...and they deserve it.

Congrats to all the members of siz staff

 last year 

What a wonderfull community that is . Sir Ap bht acha sochty Allah pak is community ko bht taraki de ga hamari duway apky sath sir . God bless you 🥰.

 last year 

You guys are doing amazing job, new and innovative ideas are coming day by day, keep it up. more power to you @siz-official

 last year 

Nice amazing job by @cryptokraze you are going veey best and carring the community in right way

 last year 

This is really professional and reflects transparency in the SIZ community leadership.
Learning so much from you community leadership team.

This community is guaranteed greatness with this leadership. I’m glad to be here. 😊

 last year (edited)

@vvarishayy @suboohi @faran-nabeel @ashkhan you guys are amazing many many congratulations, I hope the way you guys support community members will be same as before

 last year 

MashahAllah, This is so good initiative to enhance the confident of Sizstaff. They will more sincere and doing best to grow for community . I appreciate too the founder of the community. @cryptokraze
Stay blessed you all team members. 🌼

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