Steemit Awards | My Nominees for Best Community, Community Contributer and Author

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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing great and are having an amazing time on this platform. Since the #steemitawards 2021 are here, I am also nominating those whom I think are the best. Also, if you want to have a look at the official post, here is the link to the contest:


For me, this has been the best community I ever joined. It was the first community I joined when I started and since then it has has held many different and exciting contests. Not only this, they also gave everyone a chance to teach a course on any topic they want. Because of this community, I got to know more about my field and I learned about new things by posting about them and also from other engaging and active members of the community, who had wonderful posts too. The most amazing thing about this community is that, the admins and moderators are always ready to help people if they have a query or any issue. It is still growing and will keep growing in the future as more and more people will know the different advantages they can get by coming here.


She introduced me and many other people to this platform, and while doing so, she guided us every step of the way and helped us know what this platform is and what we can do here. She made us familiar with it and then also recommended us communities where we can start easily as a newcomer. She is the moderator of two communities @siz-official and @steemit-pak and in both of these communities, she is constantly active, helping others and guiding them continuously. She also delegates a huge amount of Steem Power to both the communities and also keeps a track of all the posts that are using the #club5050 tag. She kept introducing this platform to many users which are now much comfortable with something they had no clue about. Not to forget, she is also the Country Representative of Pakistan, which is an amazing achievement to get! May she succeed more and more and help the communities grow by doing efforts like she has.


He is an amazing writer and when it comes to explaining things, he always delivers in such a way that the topic is easily understood. He plays an active part in this community and posted many posts full of knowledge, ranging from Programming to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, you name it, he has explained some valuable information in a very effective manner. He also makes sure to use pictorial representation of whatever he is explaining and that helps a lot in grasping things. His constant posting in SIZ Community related to different interesting topics educates all the members.

These were my nominees which were the best for me and have helped me learn about many things.

Best of luck to all the Nominees!


Thank you so much brother :)

Thank you for showing your support to Steem Infinity Zone.

We highly appreciate it.

 last year 

Thank you very much for supporting the Steeminfinityzone Community in the Best Community Category at The Steemit Awards 2021. We hope we win in these categories. We are very happy for your support.😊

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