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The weather in Karachi these day is actually cold. Last night it was nearly 9 degrees but trust me it felt like 5 degrees :3 I do love winters but in the same time I can catch cold very quickly. Since its winters and I am o my vacation till mid January so I thought to take the advantage of this time and I took some online work.

I Love content writing and specially when it is research based work because I get to learn a lot of new things from it. I don't really enjoy doing topics that I don't have interest in. But whenever I get to write on topics that are exactly from my area of interest, I enjoy doing them a lot. The last work that I got was an extremely topic. I had to first read a short book that has around 249 pages and then choose a topic of my interest. Then procced with the research work and then write.

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The Topic that I choose after reading the book was "Mental health problems in a child exposed to war". The topic was broad enough and I really enjoyed digging in and reading very amazing articles. The topic isn't that typical so it was very easy for me to find the content on it. I easily got the articles and journals on this topic.

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It took me around 3-4 days to complete the research work and wrote on the topic. I had to write around 1500 words on this topic. Since the topic was easy and from my area of interest so it wasn't that difficult for me to complete it on time. Also, Imma trying to stay active on steemit. so I make sure to vote and comment as much as I can.

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Hence, the weekend as well as previous days turned out to be extremely productive for me! ALhamdulillah! I enjoy doing things which enhance my knowledge. Thankyou for reading my diary. Stay blessed everyone! :' )<div

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Here’s my achievement 1 post;

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