SIZ Approved IT-Tech Course | Basics of Project Management Professionals | Lecture 03 Part 1 | The Project Environment

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Organizational Structure

A project operates in with people, process and generation of an corporation. Tasks have an impact on the tradition, policies, methods and other aspects of an corporation. The organizational shape has a primary impact on the execution of the assignment. The organizational shape decides the sources, verbal exchange strategies and other components of mission control.


Distinctive kinds of organizational structures consist of:

Useful / Functional

That is the most common form of an enterprise. Organizational departments are grouped by using areas of specialization inside special features. In those organizations, the project normally occurs in a silo environment, i.e. within the identical characteristic. group individuals complete the venture work over and above their responsibilities to everyday departmental work. Communication mainly happens inside the equal characteristic.




In a projectized environment, the entire agency is organized by means of initiatives, and the project manager is on top of things of the initiatives. people or personnel are assigned to tasks and record to a project supervisor. One’s the task is over, they want to be assigned to some other challenge. Verbal exchange mostly takes place inside the same challenge.



In a matrix company, the group contributors report into bosses:

  • The functional manager
  • The project supervisor Communication is going from group contributors to both bosses. The matrix agency is created to get the first-rate ability from both functional and projectized type of organizational structure. Team participants have departmental paintings and additionally they do project paintings.


In a sturdy matrix organization, the energy remains with the project manager. In a susceptible matrix employer, the power stays with the functional supervisor. The task manager is considered to be a coordinator or an escalator. In a balanced matrix, the electricity is similarly balanced between the functional supervisor and the project supervisor.



Project management office (pmo)

The project management workplace is a centralized branch that manages tasks. The pmo is the imperative region and authority for supplying policies, methodologies and templates for dealing with tasks in the enterprise. Trains individuals in project management inside the agency.

Provide project managers for one of a kind tasks, those project managers and the pmo are answerable for the consequences of those initiatives. The project management workplace is a branch of many people.



The PMO has duties which include:

  • Offer sources
  • Participate in mission Assessment conferences
  • Screen compliance with organizational strategies
  • Provide templates
  • Provide centralized Conversation approximately tasks
  • Be part of change manipulate board
  • Help prioritize projects


Business value:

Business value is described as the whole sum of actual and intangible factors of a business i.e. the overall fee of the business. Economic belongings, fixtures, stockholders, equity, utility are a number of the examples of exact factors and intangible elements consist of goodwill, reputation, brand recognition, public benefit, trademarks, etc.
Project management of ongoing operations assist in creating price for the enterprise. All companies, profit pushed or non-income companies are centered on achieving business price for his or her activities.




The challenge goals are defined in assignment charter

A project is considered as complete while the objectives of the task are met. A project is terminated if the assignment targets are not met.

Goals can be described at a excessive-stage to start with, however, will be defined in detail because the undertaking progresses. challenge manager is responsible to obtain venture objectives. Excellent management, risk management, stakeholder management, scope control all have an effect on project objectives.
If those expertise areas are controlled properly, they could assist in efficiently achieving the venture objectives.


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