Curator Cat on Caturday: I'm Late, I'm Late... But it's Not for a Date!

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Greetings Felines and Homans of Steemlandia, and of the Fur-Friends Tribe!

It's Saturday night... and Saturday means CATURDAY! Just remembered, and wanted to post some photos before the day runs out... at least we're on the US west coast, so there's still a little Caturday left!

It was sunny for a little while, but still very windy

I love Caturday... but my Hoomans are pretty good about making sure I get lots of attention, treats and playtime every day, not just on Caturday!

Haven't been here much for a couple of weeks. I have to rely on the Hoomans to find time in their schedule to halp me make posts, because I still haven't figured out the keyboard and typing thing...


A Windy and Cold Day

It is on days like today that I am very grateful that I am a comfortable house cat with a warm bed and food to eat... the wind is blowing fiercely out there and every now and then we get showers of rain/sleet/hail mixed together.

I can hear the little pieces of ice hit the window sometimes... brrrr!

So what does a good cat do on Caturday? Nap, of course!

Since my Hoomans have the good fortune to work at home, they are often quite busy with this "work" thing, but I try to inspect what they are doing from time to time.

Earlier in the day, I even made it into one of the Mom-Hooman's Zoom meetings with the non-profit organization she works for. It was fun to hear the pay say "Oh look! A Cat!"

Then I had a good long nap!


Steem, Rising?

It has been fun to see Steem (the token) come to life a little bit in the last week or so. Of course, I have only ever earned very modest rewards for having a cat blog... but a few days ago, my wallet was worth over $200 for the first time in many months.

I hope it keeps going... we've been "scraping bottom" for a very long time. I think some upward movement would inspire a lot of new people to join the community, and I think we might see some familiar old faces that have gone dormant come back to life.

Well... A cat can dream, right?

Thanks for reading, and here's hoping you had a great Caturday!


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What a fine looking specimen 🙂

 6 months ago 

Thank you! And spoiled pretty rotten, with his cushy life, his treats and multiple cat beds with views of bird feeders and other Kitty TV.